2 plus 2, Interfaces, lost

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Malcolm Dean2004-02-23 22:21

Please forgive me if this is answered somewhere on your site. I have a pair of 2+2 panels and stands. The black boxes were lost in a move to the West Coast, and the panels have been kept in the original carton in my bedroom every since, well packed.

What is my best course of action at this point? Should I sell these little-used panels? Should I have someone build a new pair of boxes? Will there be a problem with the panels are 10 years of storage? Thanks for your kind assistance!


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

What a sad story. Unfortunately, the interfaces (the black boxes) are no longer available new, nor are the parts that go inside them.

The panels should be okay even after storage all this time. So, you have a few options:

Find somebody who has a pair of MK-121 interfaces for sale. (See ”Technical Bulletins, MK-121 Versions” for further details.) These might actually be available, since some people have replaced their transformer interfaces with direct-drive vacuum tube amplifiers (Acoustat\'s ”Servocharge Amplifier” or others).

Find somebody who has a pair of Acoustat Servochange amplifiers for sale, and use them instead of transformer interfaces. These can be problematic (repair-wise), and at the very least will require tube replacement every few years. These amplifiers take the signal directly from your preamp, so no conventional power amplifier is required.

Finally, there does exist a market for used Acoustat panels, since they are also no longer available new. They rarely fail, but with tens of thousands of these panels out there, somebody will snatch them up for replacement or expansion purposes.

There is a ”Buy and Sell” section of this website. Anyone out there who could perhaps help Mr. Dean?

Malcolm Dean2004-02-23 22:21

To keep you up to date, earlier I was looking for someone to make new Interfaces for my Acoustat 2+2s. A gentleman in Florida is finishing them for me now. Here is his address:

Name: Mike Adair
E-mail: Lapco120@aol.com
Home page:
Address: 1200 W Industrial Av Boynton Beach FL 33426, USA
Tel: 561-737-8188 work, 561-436-6207 cell
Fax: (02166)-20317

but, as with most AOL users, he does not seem to respond to e-mails from non-AOL users. (I\'m still trying to understand this phenomenon.)Then I have to worry about protecting them from our cats, and getting a new amplifier.

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