MS-2, No plug connected

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Dave2010-11-20 08:57

Hi I have just joined,great site,nice to hear about the two speakers that I favour notably the Yams NS1000m AND quads. I was drawn to your site to see if you could help me with my Headphones,..they are electrostatics MS 2 Micro Seikiand they have no plug connected. there are 4 wires PINK GREEN BLUE WHITE Tthey had a four pin din plug attatched alas (long gone): Do you know what the colours represent and most importantly do they need voltage to drive them. I have seen a box that perhaps should come with them in an article on the web.I f the said box is needed can I perhaps build one?..I DON'T EVEN NO WHETHER OR NOT THEY WORK YET but I just blown up my Beyer DT 770 pros and am anxious to get this sorted. Are these seiki's rated highly by hifi buffs?. looking forward to your promptr reply.

Yours newly,


Steve2010-11-20 08:58

Dear Dave,

All the information you will need for your Micro Seiki products can be found at this website:

Kind regards,

Steve Zeeuwe
The Audio Circuit

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