ATH-7, Headphone drivers for sale

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Tony Furtado2008-10-22 19:43

I have a pair of new never used pair of headphone drivers for the ATH-7s. If anyone is interested in buying them please contact me. Thanks Tony


Dawid29132011-05-29 10:59

Hi, I know that it's a long time but maybe by accident you still have the pair of drivers for ATH7?

Tony2011-05-29 17:11

Hi, funny enough i still have them, as well as my ATH7s.


David2011-06-02 23:35

I'm really surprised but that's great. Do you still want to sold them?


Tony2011-06-03 00:46

Hi David, sure, make me an offer. Do you just want the drivers, or also the Headphones and transformer box?


David2011-06-03 01:42

Honestly, I bought recently a pair of ATH7 in a great visual condition nevertheless I have a problem with the left driver. I've checked everything and I suspect that the left one is a little bit discharged so I'm looking for a spare parts. What's the condition of your headphones, especially drivers? I don't know how long have you got your ATH7? May you send me couple of photos on Thanks a lot.


Tony2011-06-03 02:09

Hi David, I haven't used my ATH7s for years now. Last time I listenned to them they worked. Sounds to me that you only need to replace your drivers. I would not recommend changing just one side. The pair of drivers that I have, have never been used. They are as I got them from the distributor a long time ago. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I could not tell you any more on thier condition other then that. I don't know if they degrade with time even if not in use or installed in headphones. I'm not at home at the moment, but I can send photos to you when I get back.
Let me know what you know.


David2011-06-03 03:03

Hmm, it a little bit going to complicate a whole case. So as I understand, you've got full kit of ATH7 and moreover a pair of brand new drivers which were not installed in earcups? I think you're right, better option is to replace both of the drivers. Electret driver, as I know, are sensible to strong direct sunlight, high level of moisture and temperature. Keeping driver away to this kind of hazard give a chance they are in a good condition.

When I may have a chance to get from you couple of photos, especially drivers? I'm sorry but I have to be sure that this is a real offer before I take a chance :) I guess I should ask first where you from?


Tony2011-06-03 05:34

Hi David, I live in British Columbia Canada. I can send you photos on Sunday. The drivers have always been stored in a dark dry area, so, they should be fine that way.

look for pics on Sunday or before.



Dawid29132011-06-03 23:52

Hello, of course. By the way I live in Poland.


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