280-DR, 280 DR & ESR 15 settings

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Trey Kross2017-11-30 19:47

I just acquired 4 RtR speakers( E series), along with 4 ESR 15 speakers. Serial numbers for the 280 DR's are 00001 00002 00003 00004. I bought them from a guy who worked for Fulton back in the 70s. They sound and work great and are in near mint condition. My question is what's the best knob settings for the ESR, 280 combo? I tried multiple settings but can't seem to find the one to bring it all together. Do you completely shut off the 280 tweeters and let the ESR's do all the work or is there a middle ground? I'm running the 280s and ESRs in normal mode with separate channels running to each high and low (6 channels in all) My set up is an MA 6200 McIntosh, a modded out Denon DCD 1520 CD player and a Teac 7010 GSL.

Any info/help would be greatly appreciated.


What does RtR stand for?
Is the E series the first 280 DR model?
(I realize I should have asked the guy I bought them from, but hindsight is a ...)


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