90-IS, Mirage 90-IS speakers and 290is

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Perry Fowler2015-10-10 01:05

Mirage speakers these 1990's ones are very clean real quality hi-end sound. the first time I ever heard mirage was in a big hasting's Music store , no they didn't sell them but when you walked in their was always loud & clear extra hi quality sound of music playing no matter where you was in the huge store the sound was so good you just couldn't believe it. I was always looking for the speakers that could put-out that kind of hi-quality sound. Trust me I have always owned top end stuff, then one day I ask the manager what & where are your fantastic speakers he said follow me , in the front 1/4 of the about 80'x120' mega store he showed me one speaker tucked under a big cd display case it was a mirage 290is speaker he pointed clear over to the other side & up about 12' on the side wall was 1-mirage 90is speaker then he took me back over 100' to the rear of the store & their was 1-290is on the opposite side & 1- 90is on the opposite wall one of each on each side of the huge store blasting crystal clear real live performance sound. this was in the years of 1999'-to-2004' or 5 before this Mega-store closed it's doors that time I already had 40+ years of experience with buy sell trade speakers always having really good stuff, the sound I experienced in that store planted an everlasting memory in me but I never had the internet & no one around where I live sold Mirage speakers at that time. now I am awaiting my first pair of 90is to be here Tuesday 10-13-2015'I found a-clean mint pair I already have hi-end Denon, Definitive Technology,Bose 301,Infinity stuff now in my little sound-proof man-cave but I can hardly wait to hang these Mirage 90is speakers on my Denon B-chanel. I cant really find very much detailed honest reviews on this model of Mirage speaker's so after I get them all adjusted and set-in I plan on writing my honest detailed review of this marvel of a set of speakers until then have a great day. mr Avox


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