STV-9025, Surprisingly Awesome.

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Logang2012-04-29 15:44

Picked these speakers up at a garage sale for 30 bucks four years ago. They were supposed to go into our finished garage just for a cheap pair of speakers for listing to the radio. After hooking them up and playing a few CD's and blowing the dust out of them, I was surprised at how good they sounded. They have warm coloring and very accurate vocal reproduction and shockingly good bass for such a small port. The High end never gets harsh and tinny at high volume too. I Relocated them to our Family room and always find my self listing to music on them instead of the Infinity surround setup we have hooked up to the TV. Way better sound quality then the JBL Northridge series that I picked up from a friend as the garage speaker replacements.


Kirk 2015-03-04 17:59

I agree fully. These have awesome sound !

Smithe8712015-03-04 20:42

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John Woodburn2018-08-02 18:55

I just found a pristine pair at the GW store the other day for 10 bucks. I was also surprised how good they sounded. I use them in the lower recroom bar, which is large and has a lot of absorption. They fill the room really nice, not the high end of the ADS L1290's, but the highs are nice nonetheless, and no harshness. They do just fine while I restore the 1290's.

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