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Jj2006-12-08 01:17

dose anyone have an idea at how many watts these things can puch.. i need the all the specs on the speakers


Questor2018-08-19 01:57

I purchased a set of Synergystics S-51 Speakers (S-51A?) before I moved into college dorms in 1978. I bought them because S-51 Speakers had an excellent sound with best combination of speaker components and because they were highly recommended by the Stereo shop I use to visit.

I believe there were early model Synergistics S-51A Speakers and S-51C Speakers that used a different mix of components where S-51A Speakers were supposedly better in sound.
If I recall correctly, many popular audiophile Stereo Magazines in 1977-78 rated Synergystics S-51A Speakers as the best sound and value among all 1977 Speakers sets.

However at a college party, I hooked the S-51A Speakers up to a Pioneer SX-838 Stereo Receiver with 300 Watts RMS output. I blew a cone in one S-51 Speakers at the full 300 Watts RMS and had to get replacement parts.

If I recall correctly, the Stereo shop where I bought the set said the S-51 Speakers were rated at 300 Watts RMS. However, stereo receivers at that time were hard to correctly categorize with standard parts, since some OEMs were swapping parts within the same model because of the scarcity or lack of availability of some parts. Also, the Watts RMS output accepted by the Speakers could vary based upon the system components condition inside the S-51 Speakers, pre-amp volume of music played etc.

I still have my set of S-51 Speakers and they work great, but I keep them at low volume :-)

Hugh Leonhardt2018-09-26 16:47

I have a set of S-51 speakers I bought in 1975. I got them to hook up to the Sansui 9090 DB I just purchased. I'm still using it, but haven't used the speakers for some time. I could never get very much bass out of them. They didn't seem to be evenly matched. I lucked into a pair of Pro Studio speakers with 2 15" woofers each. The Sansui can sure crank the bass out of them. I have to play it when the wife is gone. If you like a lot of bass, try Fleetwood Mac's 1997 dance tour on you tube.

Helen2018-10-24 10:56


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