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Mike Hooven2007-06-06 03:47

I followed the link to \"Lab Three\" and found that it described a speaker with an 8-inch woofer that was (perhaps) manufactured in 2001. However, I own a pair of large, heavy floor-standing 3-way Speakerlab that are identified by labels on the back as \"Speakerlab THREE\". These speakers have 12-inch woofers, 5-inch midrange speakers, and dome tweeters. They were clearly made years earlier than 2001. I guess my question is: what are these \"Lab Three\" speakers? Maybe my speakers should be identified with a separate link that is labeled \"Three\"? Just curious.


James2010-10-07 16:28

What you have is the S-3. It was manufactured starting around the 1977-1980 time frame. The 12" speaker is likely the W1208R. I'm not sure about the part numbers for the midrange and the tweeter; the midrange might actually be the 6" M608R. The next speaker in the line was the S-4 which definitely has the M608R midrange and replaced the dome tweeter with the WA4000 horn. The next speaker in the line was the S-6WA which replaced the midrange cone with the WA750 horn. The final speaker in that line was the S-7WA which added a 10" driver to operate in parallel with the 12" driver for enhanced bass. All were made for a few years at the end of 70s and beginning of 80s. Designs changed around the mid 80s.

Mike Hooven2010-10-08 18:57


Thanks very much for your response to the question that I posted more than three years ago. I still have those speakers (which I bought at a thrift store for $20.00) -- although currently my main system now features a pair of AR 9LS speakers -- and I'm glad to know the history that you've provided.

Mike Hooven

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