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Jennifer A Shields2007-06-29 18:43

These speakers were manufactured in the late 1970\'s and have a good sound but I would like to attempt to improve it with upgrades. I own both CM-1020\'s & CM-1030\'s. Does anyone have a service manual? Does anyone have any information on or know anyone that has upgraded the crossovers or speakers?


Jeff Mackwood2007-08-25 01:51

Jennifer. I can help. Send me an email message to I will then contact you from my real email address. I own three (soon to be four) pairs of CM1030\'s and one pair of CM1020\'s. I only check that email account every couple of weeks (it\'s for diverting junk email to - if you did not notice) so it might take me a while to get back to you. Regards. Jeff

Dan Proctor2009-02-08 14:32

Hi did you ever get a service manual for for the CM 1020.If so can you send it to me. I got problems with crossover and swiches. Thanks, Dan.

Sab2009-02-12 18:07

Hi Jennifer and Dan, Did you ever receive the information that you were looking for? Let me know. Thanks.

Dan2009-02-14 13:13

Hi Sab. No I am still looking for manual. Also I need a replacement mid range. Thanks

Sab2009-03-30 16:39

Dan, leave your email and I\'ll be in touch.


Jennifer A Shields2007-06-29 18:43

Sab, my email is


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