8220, Info for speakers

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Julie2005-08-01 19:42

Where are they from-how can I get ANY information on them? I have searched the entire net and have found absolutely nothing. We found a set at a yard sale and would be interested if we could get some specs. Thank you anyone who could help- They say Black Jack on the front/


Julie2005-08-01 19:42

Hi Julie, I have a pair of Gollehon 8220\'s. The cabinets have a plate with the following specs on them. Full Range 5 speaker 3-way system 100 Watts RMS Dispersion 100(degree sign) horizontal 55 (degree sign) vertical 8 ohms impedance Shelving control (rotating knob on the back of the cabinet) attentuates high frequencies to compensate room acoustics and control feedback. MR-90 Midrange Section included that must be used to achieve the specified rating and sound pressure level. Crossover switch with two settings: 2000HZ for higher output for noisy environment such as night clubs. 5000HZ for true flat response for professional playback monitorings. Hope this helps.

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