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Delta Omega 2000, INFO Crown Delta Omega 2000

Read more on the Crown Delta Omega 2000 in our home audio section

Dr. G. Della Gatta2018-01-15 21:38


I am interested in important audio gear and I’d like to ask a
question about Amp Crown Delta Omega 2000, 1984 version of
famous 1972 Crown M 600.

Delta Omega 2000 can control directly speakers but also can be
connected with a mixer, a preamplifier?

DO 2000 to work needs of a preamplifier, a mixer ?

Maybe preamplifier is not necessary but I’d like to use
DO 2000 with preamplifier, is possible ?

Is possible to link 2 DO 2000 to have one mono amp of 2000
Watts like Crown M600-M2000 ?

Thanks a lot
Dr. Giancarlo Della Gatta
Salerno, Italy


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