ES-240, Audiostatic ES240 - which amplifier?

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Angelo Fucci2012-02-01 17:38

I have a pair of Audiostatic ES240 loudspeakers and I love them.
Problem is I have never found an amplifier suitable to allow them the best performance. Which amplifiers are normally used with these loudspeakers?
They was built a long time ago, I think more than 30 years, but they have worked just two or three years. Do you think that the electrical coat over them does not work properly now?


Giovanni2012-03-12 10:13

Hello Angelo,
do you live in Italy? If so, I could show you what I have made out with these wonderful speakers.
BTW I run them with a Sansui 200 W per channel amplifier. They need a lot of power to sing properly.

Angelo2012-03-12 12:05

Yes, Giovanni. I live in Rome and I wil lbe happy to see and to learn what you did with your Audiostatic loudspeakers.
This is my ph nimber: 335 7987417
Call me or let me know the your one and I'll call you.

Salvador722013-03-18 02:19

I'm confused. I've had a pair of ES240 for years which I only used during the winter up until two years ago. Last week I purchased a review of the speakers on eBay andI start reading about inefficiency and what amplifier are best for them. I was taken aback. You see my es240 are amplified. Each speaker has an amplifier running along the back of the center panel using one ECC82, one ECC83, and four PL-519. All this time I believed these speakers were amplified. Were these modified or was there an amplified version?

Giovanni Repetti2013-03-18 07:55

Hello Salvador,
I have never heard about an amplified version of these speakers. I will appreciate very much if you send me some pictures of the amplifier. This is my address:
repettig at gmail dot com
Off course you know what to input in place of "at" and "dot".
I suppose that the previous owner did install custom made OTL amplifiers on them. If that is the case, I imagine that they should sound wonderful. I am very happy with my pair, which too I have deeply modifyied. I can send you pictures if you will contact me.
What a coincidence, I too only listen to them in Winter, because in Summer we move downstair.

Angelo Fucci2013-03-18 08:13

I agree on the Giovanni comment. I have never listened about an amplified version of the ES240. Send me pictures of your loudspeakers too. My email address is angelofucci at gmail dot com.

Salvador722013-03-18 17:34

I will take some pictures later on today and email to both of you.

Jerry2018-03-21 14:24

Hi Angelo, I have owned a pair or Audiostatic ES240s for over 30 years and use them every other day.Took out the foam that fell apart, purchased more foam, but did not use it preferred without. Used every different kind of amps on these speakers. The 2 I liked best were the Brysto 4bst, and the one am useing now the Robertson 60/10 This one really does it, am useing the Music reference mark 4 preamp with the Robertson {great combo] This has no bearing on this but am taking down this system and moving to a smaller quarters in the near future. Good luck finding a Robertson 60/10 amp,they are rare but sound great and are built like a tank. The only thing I do to the es240s is vac them and use a hairdryer to tighten up the mylar if needed. Other than that these speakers have been truly wonderful. Am also useing a Klipsch suubwoofer powered 10 inch eithe the 240s that can be switched on or off. Hope this helps. jerry.

Michael Zisser2018-04-06 01:39

Hi Es240 owners.
Not many have these lovely speakers 2day, and so nice to see "i`m not alone" ;-). I too have tryed all kind of amps too. My until now best result is with a Vincent Sv 236 or the clone from Sheng Ya A-10MK. I got my first hifi gear in 1978 and have since tried extremly many setups.
IF any ES240 owners will be so kind sending pics of your setup, and i will respons with pics too.
pls send to

Giovanni Repetti2018-04-06 08:31

Hello Michael,
I will contact you and send you pictures of what I did with my ES240, please be patient a bit.
Kind regards

Angelo2018-04-06 08:36

Hi all, at the moment i am using a tube amplifier built by my friend Andrea Ciuffoli ( Here is the link ...
Of course they sounds great :)


Jerry2018-04-06 15:56

Hi, The amp i loved the best on my Audiostatic ES 240's is the Robertson sixty ten, along with a Music reference RM-5 MK 4 tube hybrid preamp. Have tried many preamp/amp combo's, but this worked the best for me anyway. Hope this helps someone.

Angelo2018-04-06 16:05

Here is the correct link

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