GX-770, Compatible components?

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Bill2010-01-10 02:13

Hello:- Can anybody help with info?

I have: - BX-770 Amp
- GX-770 Preamp
- TX-770 Tuner
- RC-R77 Remote Base Unit
- RC-T77WT Remote Handheld
I\'m trying to complete this system with compatible
stuff: - CD Player
- Cassette Deck
- Turntable
- \"AFBS\" Speakers
I\'m having difficulty in finding system info.
I did have an FX-A770 deck,but ALAS!, it was turned
into PCB art well before I came to appreciate it.
I do know a bit, but compatiblity remains an issue.

Thx, Bill


Xavier2010-02-07 01:55


To complete your Aiw

Xavier2010-02-07 02:07

To complete your Aiwa system, you can add :

CD Player DX 770 or DX D1 (both compatible with your RCR 77 unit). I have the DX D1, it is the same size than DX 770, quite same look
Cassette deck : FX A770 or FX W770 (1 normal autoreverse deck and 1 with 7 stored cassettes), compatible with RC R 77
Turntable : LX 770 with tangencial arm, programming play, direct drive, compatible with RC R77
Speakers : SX E77 with AFBS system, with special plugs for GX 770.

Do you now where I can buy the remote handheld ?

Thx for help

Mike2010-04-02 09:32

anyone having problems with this amp putting out a annoying hum. it sounds like a ground loop, but its not. has anyone fixed this issue i know they are a bit old now but i\'d like to get mine working right, thanks.

Bill2010-12-21 07:14

Well! It's been almost a full year, and I'm still goofing around with this system!

Xavier, thx much for your leads on compatible numbers!
The SX-E77s use 8-pin circular DIN plugs into the amp, in fact most inter-connects are that.

I made a mistake on my handheld model number... it should be RC-T77WF... not WT!So sorry!
I spotted another remote without the battery cover. Its model number is RC-T12RF.
I suspect it could come from an earlier 'AFBS' system, based on the SX-E12 speakers.
It has the same layout architecture as my original. Haven't tried it yet.

Mike, I think I've acquired the same hum, although I'm hoping it's cuz I have the rig stacked
on top of my Dell. It could likely be caps, though. Which ones? Dunno yet!

We ought to form a club! I love these systems. Just can't find compatible stuff. It's either been modified to suit other applications or tossed out... Alas!!!

Rgd's, Bill

Gabriel2011-08-07 01:04


The remote for this integrated system is "RC-T77WF".

Bill2011-08-07 04:46

Gabriel:- Thx fer yer chime-in...

I've found "RC-T77AF" to be applicable too.

"RC-T12--" seems applicable as well, but for the BX/GX 120 system.

The worry, of course, is that the components don't lend themselves
willingly to standard systems.

Peripheral adjuncts, such as DX----, LX---- and FX---- disappear
for the sake of non-compliance.

Again, alas.
Cheers, Bill.

Hans2011-08-08 16:16

The constant humming that several people have experienced with Aiwa BX-770 AFBS,could it be the capacitors Nichicon 8200 uf 56w? I have the same hum which goes away after the amp gets warm.

Bill2011-08-09 02:38

Hans:- Yes, they are large capacitors, and not crap 'O.E.M.' stuff.

But, they are electrolytic, and could suffer over time.

Btw, I'm still looking for DX, FX and SX for my Series 7000 if anyone
is so bold...

Cheers, Bill.

Hans2011-08-10 08:20

Bill, Thanks! There are 2 other slightly smaller capacitors, do you think I should replace all four? How difficult a task is this? Can you recommend a brand that I should purchase. I have the components stacked with the amp BX-770 at the top. The does get warm. Does AFBS cause the unit to heat more than when switched off? Forgive me for all the questions.
I have seen new old stock of the 77O series on ebay in the past. If I do see any of these components for sale I will let you know.
Thanks again Bill!

Aim2012-01-22 13:15

I have the same setup as above mentioned by Bill, it belongs to my uncle.They have recently moved and disassembled the entire system.I have to reassemble the system but since i have never looked at the wiring before i am kind of stumped ...
I was looking online but cannot find a manual or assembly instructions.
Does anyone know where i could find instructions?

any help would be very welcome,


Bill2012-01-22 21:42

Aim:- I could scan the basic hookups for you from paperwork.
What components and model numbers are involved?
I'll also need an address to send to...
Rgd's, Bill.

Aim2012-01-23 13:10

Hey Bill,

That would be extremely helpful, thanks.
The components are as below:

Stereo Turntable System LX-770
Stereo Cassette Deck FX-A770
Stereo Power Amplifier BX-770
Stereo Pre- Amplifier GX-770k
Compact Disc Player DX-770
Stereo Tuner TX-770

There is also a Remote Control receiver (model RC-R77), but the connectors and where they go are easy to figure out, its the other components i can't figure out.And also don't want to risk connecting the system incorrectly and causing possible damage to wiring.

you can forward it to my email address aimalb@hotmail.com,

many thanks, Aim

Nestlines2012-01-30 11:32

Hey Aim, i followed your discussion with Bill on forum and i have the same problem with my Aiwa system , I will be happy if you can help me with directory paper work on how to assemble, Please did you finally receive the information from Bill did it work? My system is disassembled that would be extremely helpful, thanks.
The components are the same as yours listed

Stereo Turntable System LX-770
Stereo Cassette Deck FX-A770
Stereo Power Amplifier BX-770
Stereo Pre- Amplifier GX-770k
Compact Disc Player DX-770
Stereo Tuner TX-770

Same as yours there is also a Remote Control receiver (model RC-R77), And also don't want to risk connecting the system incorrectly and causing possible damage to wiring.

you can forward it to my email address nestlines@gmail.com

many thanks,

Mario Alvarez2012-04-03 22:48

Well, i need the schematic diagram o service manual of Aiwa Stereo Tuner TX-770, Stereo Power Amplifier BX-770, Stereo Pre- Amplifier GX-770k. I will be happy if you can help me with this problem in the unit Amplifier BX-770

Ken Wroe2012-04-19 16:39

I have an uncontrollable urge to buy these AIWA systems whenever I run across them. I currently am running the bx120, gx120, tx80
and dx770 cd player with rk-c125 remote. I have a useless fx-a120 supporting the rest of the system and also have a burnt out lx120 turntable. have had to modify/replace the tweeters in the sx-e12 speakers though I still have the original tweeters (wire is finer than froghair). I also have the supporting literature etc. this is the only AIWA I currently own or know of.

Amor Agustin2012-06-27 17:34

where i can find shematic diagram for aiwa stereo tuner tx-770

Alex2012-07-10 00:31

i have a issue with my bx-770 amp.. the Right channel started cutting out/fluctuating volume.. not sure what is going on. i have had this amp for about 2 or 3 years with no problem but the past 2 or 3 months it started having this problem and has been getting worse.

where should i start troubleshooting?

Alex2012-07-10 00:31

does anyone know where i can get the repair manual for this amp?

Jaime Oportus Villagran2014-05-27 21:10

estoy reparando un preamplificador aiwa gx770
nesecita el manual service si pueden ayudarme
Jaime oportus
santiago Chile

Fede2016-11-25 07:44

hello!! bx-770 and gx-770 download service manual??? link????

Ed Davie2017-10-02 02:27

BX-77-/GX-770 Service Manual with schematics:


I ordered this manual download earlier this year, it includes a service bulletin regarding power shutting off when warmed up.

Ed Davie2017-10-02 02:33

BX-770/GX-770 Service Manual with schematics and Service Bulletin:


Allan Soria2018-11-17 12:05

Can anybody here have the kindness to send me a pdf copy of the BX/GX 770 Service Manual. I'm just a poor audio buff that has this units needing service. Thanks.

Allan Soria2018-11-17 12:07

By the way , you can send it to allan1836@yahoo.com TIA

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