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David2008-03-05 02:21

I have what I believe to be Model 3 with Medallion upgrades. (72\"x28\"). They work and sound great but I thought I would have Roy at Sounds Like New rebuild/recap the interfaces before he retires. I may have waited too long. It appears he has closed. Do you know if he is still in the business? If not is there anyone else in the SE that can do it (I really don\'t want to ship these things). I don\'t think I want to try it myself. Thanks.


Andy Szabo2008-03-06 18:11

For years I have heard comments that Roy can be difficult to contact. I have no idea if \'Sounds Like New\' is still a going concern or not. Keep trying! In my opinion, if the speakers are working okay, I would leave them alone.

Randall Worrell2008-03-29 16:05

Hi David, I just had the pleasure of meeting Roy whilst I was in Florida this week(March 22 2008) and spoke with him again yesterday.He can be reached at soundslikenew@prodigy.net and he still does rebuilds of interfaces and also conversions of the TNT 200 amp to monoblocs.He is extremely knowledgeable about the Acoustat line and does great work.Hope that you reach him if not please let me know. Regards Randall.

Roy A. Esposito2011-07-17 19:54

July 17, 2011

I am very much alive.

I am No-Where near retiring .... and over many years have
come up with astounding improvements, variations and restorations
for the Acoustat MK and Spectra Interfaces
and even more so the Trans-Nova amplifiers (TNT-200 and TNT-120)
and Trans-Nova Preamplifier (TNP).
I also renew the earlier and more rare, Acoustat MRP and RP-2 preamps.

To my chagrin ----
Folks don't realize I was many years younger than the
other principals at Acoustat, back in 70's and 80's Fort Lauderdale.
About half their age at that time.

I am happy to continue lovingly working with Acoustat products.
I do this with a fully functional laboratory and stockroom
of original .........and improvement parts.

But please realize that... in 2011....
this is part-time work.... in addition
to my regular full-time engineering/consulting work.

So it can take a few weeks in total, for me to work my
Acoustat "magic"...... as my client's have often
described the results.

I hope the above will help explain why I don't
provide a phone number, except to established clients,
and I prefer email contact instead. I also prefer my work
and "word-of-mouth" to speak for itself
....instead of having and spending time maintaining a website.

There are others that offer work on Acoustat products.
Fancy words .... Fancy websites.
But NONE of them worked for the Company.
And to correct the mess.....
Folks usually end up with me despite the glowing website tetimonials.
That's just sad.

I very much appreciate all of you, who continue to revere...
and enjoy...
the magnificent design works of Dr. Strickland,
and our original Acoustat Engineering Team.

May we all enjoy the Music,

Roy A. Esposito / soundslikenew@prodigy.net

Andy Tomlinson2012-04-10 17:40

Just so you all know Sounds Like New will now only accept shipments that originate and can be delivered in the USA. They will not accept shipments that originate anywhere else in the world. A move designed to "HELP " their customers I was told.Most unhelpful/ unreasonable company I have ever dealt with.

Roy A. Esposito2012-04-11 01:44

I am responding to this posting.

I happened to have a spare Spectra U-Bias power supply board
that this gentleman needed when he contacted me.
He was advised CLEARLY and... up front.... that
I no longer ship TO or accept shipments FROM
addresses outside of the USA-48 states. I explained to him that
this was due to problems that happened every time I made an exception
in the past for international folks. So, I asked him to provide a USA
shipping address of a friend or associate.

I also explained that I am not a "company" .... per se...
and I do not normally offer any PARTS for sale but that it was
my aim to help out folks needing assistance with Acoustat products
in any way I possibly could.
And that I am merely an individual ex-Acoustat Engineering Team member
and former humbled assistant to
the Esteemed and Brilliant Dr. James Strickland PHD.
The Chief Designer of all things Acoustat.

I have made myself available to the Acoustat loving community for many years now....
as a very competant source for repairs, mods and improvements to the already
amazing products. I tried to work with this guy, but he insisted on me
shipping to Canada directly, insulted me repeatedly and then threatened me
with smearing my name on every forum he subscribes to.

This is the first I see of his threatened attacks
and I shall respond to each. I also have no doubt that
Acoustat owners I have helped to repair, restore. and upgrade
beyond their wildest hopes might respond with something to say in my defense.

All this guy had to do was apologize.....
for insulting me and
"Americans" in general, and I would have gladly helped him
under the original terms I outlined.

As Always...... I remain at your service for
amazing Acoustat repairs and updating into 2012 and beyond.
--- MK Series Interfaces featuring the optional AIR MOD since 2008
----Spectra Series Interfaces featuring distortion reducing
and performance enhancing upgrades
---- Trans-Nova Series 120 and 200 Amplifiers and Preamplifiers
featuring Mono-Block and Balanced Input Conversions

I have 100% satisfaction for my work and countless
letters and emails that prove it.
Just ask anyone who has seen and heard the results.

I invite anyone who is serious about having their
Acoustat products made the best they can be
contact me.

Most Sincerely,
Roy A. Esposito

Randall Worrell2012-04-11 03:08

I must say that I have had the pleasure of dealing with Roy Esposito and I can vouch for his excellent work and his high principles.I certainly am not from the USA and I live in BARBADOS which is NOT an address within the USA .Roy was extremely helpful and worked with me in order for me to get a pair of TNT 200 monoblocs.He also rebuilt another TNT 200 amp for me and also a pair of Acoustat interfaces all with the Air mod .My point is that it certainly was not as easy as dealing with products going to or coming from CANADA but Roy was exceedingly Helpful and I followed his advice and everything went as planned and directed by him.The end result was that I received my amplifiers and speaker interfaces all well rebuilt and excellent sounding units.He is the consummate professional and a highly talented engineer.I would have him do any mods or repairs for me again and hope that he continues his excellent work.

Randall Worrell

Andrei Tudoran2012-04-11 04:08

My Acoustat #8 speakers live in Thailand.

Roy is alive and well and very helpful.
While tinkering, I damaged one speaker.

Via Email, I contacted Roy; he immediately offered technical advice without compensation.
Later on, when I was confident the panels have a solution; I decided to upgrade the medallion transformers (number 8 = 4 transformers)
From Thailand, its quite a challenge.
Roy does this work mostly as a hobby and at very modest charges.

I had my freight forwarder deliver the medallions at Roy's place, than pick up upon completion.
With a little patience, they were delivered back to my house in mint condition, sounding amazing!

I would not hesitate to contact Roy for any sound related issues.
His work is impeccable.

Louis Nicolia2012-04-11 04:51

It's been my pleasure to know and be a client of Roy Esposito the past 15 years. He has rebuilt and upgraded all of my Acoustat equipment including a preamp,two mono blocks and Model 3 speakers.Aside from his stellar workmanship and expertise ,Roy has always gone out of his way to help when needed. Listening to music on this system is a joy.I wouldn't hesitate to call Roy.Thanks Louis

Bob Nace2012-04-11 11:03


Andy Tomlinson2012-04-11 13:20

I'm just stating what you told me Roy. I offered to comply with your terms but then you refused to respond to any of my emails.Here is the content of my last email to you

" I'm sorry if I offended you with that ,but from my point of view as a guy who trades across the border every day I can't get my head around Americans who will not deal with people in Canada.Its just not that difficult. I can see your point of view and I appreciate that you are selling this unit to me but, there has to be some way so that you don't get burned and I don't have to drive to the US twice . Thats a 100 mile round trip,twice, not to mention the border wait times .This is not like we are shipping back and forth large interfaces or amplifiers, its just a circuit card and a small transformer. In my case the transformer fits in a small package that would easily go by Canada Post. I could send you the transformer and money order ( adjusted to cover any additional mail cost to Canada) by mail and you can send the HVPS by mail . I still need the U-bias supply and will still meet your terms but it is not the way I would like to go."

I did not make any comments about Americans I just said I don't see how YOU can be so narrow minded about shipping , in this case to Canada. I even offered an alternative, suggesting that the item I wanted was a small circuit board worth less than $50.00 and could easily go by mail.I said I can understand your policy but that I don't have to like it. Instead of trying to resolve this even when I said I would comply with your terms you did the adult thing and refused to reply to my email. I'll let the facts speak themselves, you were unhelpful/unreasonable

Alan Chandler2012-04-11 13:29

I reside in Toronto, Canada and I have owned Acoustat Speakers since the early 80's. Many years later I was able to track Roy down in order to seek out some advice. From that conversation I was on the look out for a Acoustat MRP-1 and after locating one I sent it to Roy for service...as per his instructions...which required my driving the unit across the border and shipping it to Florida via FedEx 'Ground'.

The unit was shipped back to the FedEx Office in Buffalo where I retrieved it and brought it back into Canada.

The work performed was nothing short of a miracle...and since that time I have had Roy service my MK - 131 Interfaces, 'monoblock' 2 TNT-120 Amplifiers and 'upgrade' a TNT-200 Amplifier.

Roy explained in great detail the reasons for his no longer wanting to deal with 'International Shipping' and taking a moment to put myself in his position I had no problem in understanding his decision.

I believe that there is no person better qualified to work on Acoustat gear than Roy...and therefore it is worth the extra effort on my part to adjust to his request.

Roy has always proven to be a man of integrity and honesty and as a dedicated owner of Acoustat equipment I feel truly blessed that I am able to avail myself of his services.

Rick Pettey2012-04-11 13:54

Please allow me to echo several of the comments previously offered. Roy is without qualification a man of ethical integrity and will provide his customer with the highest quality work and more than fair prices. As one who worked with Roy at Acoustat in the early 80s, I know him to be great to work with and easy to get along with. I say this because as I was in sales and often asked of him and his group to accomodate some wild demands from the field, he would also do all within his power to support our end customers.

Because he cannot afford to do this work full time (simply won't pay the bills) he takes care of his customers during his "off-time." It is for that reason that you cannot call him during typical work hours for a chat. However, do not let that dissuade you from using his services. Although he is not doing this full-time, the slight amount of wait (and I do mean slight) to have him schedule your work is MORE than compensated by his quality and value of work. As I am no longer in the audio industry (am a Lutheran pastor), I do not have a great deal of disposable income to splurge on my system. The work Roy has done on my amp, pre-amp and ESPECIALLY on my Spectra 300 (he replaced the electronic circuit with transformers, like the old Acoustat thereby eliminating many components and increasing the quality of sonic presentation in every way) has been of the highest caliber.

I am inserting my email address if anyone would like to contact me directly if they have any further questions as to Roy's credentials. (If this web-site will allow me to do so.) It is sthilary1955@sbcglobal.net

Andy Tomlinson2012-04-11 14:05

I don't like to air my dirty laundry in public. Roy would not reply to my emails even after I said I would comply with his terms, even if I didn't like his terms.I even apologized if I offended him. But he chose to ignore me. No where on this page did it say he wouldn't deal with international shipping I chose to make people aware of that policy.

Rick Pettey2012-04-11 14:28

Andy, I do not know you nor you me. I am also not aware of the actual circumstances of your dealings with Roy. What I do know is that there are ALWAYS two sides to a story. As one who has dealt with the public in the retail audio field and then from the manufacturing end and especially now as a pastor, I have found that how one person perceives an event can often be quite different from another. For that reason I cannot address your specific issue. Having said that, there is no doubt in my mind that there is more here going on than you indicate. I say this not to impugn your character but to suggest that what you express is simply from your point of view (Naturally, of course).

I have dealt with Roy under too many circumstances not to believe that there is some reason he is not accomodating you (if such is the case). Having tried to resolve numerous complaints from customers over the years it was always amazing how the custormer's view of the situation was so radically different from that of the store where they bought my product (Acoustat). You would think you somehow dropped in on the wrong conversation.

All this is offered not to call your integrity into question. I simply do not know all the facts. I DO know Roy well enough (both as co-worker and now as client) to state without qualification his high standards of ethics as well as his desire to support the joy of owning/using the equipment that he has invested so much of himself in over the years. He is too committed to this endeavor not to do all within his power to serve others with the same love as his. While you try to please everyone I know from experience that there are times when there is simply no way to do so. Perhaps this is one of those times.

Ivan Bendl2012-04-11 15:57

I thought it was a miracle that I found Roy. He repaired 1 Acoustat for me, and upgraded both without asking. He wanted me to have the best he knew how, and he certainly does. Then he gave me advice how to set them up and where to send a speaker for repairs. When I found another pair (I run 4 channels) he also upgraded those. I now have the latest and they all work perfectly.

Roy was always friendly and a pleasure to deal with. How can anyone complain about him is beyond me. As for receiving and sending things to other countries, it is not easy and takes a lot of time. His work for us is in his spare-time so time is precious, and I for one, treasure his policy to help us with our Acoustats. Ivan

Charly Brewster2012-04-12 02:17

Have known Roy Esposito close to ten years. In that time Roy has worked on a pair of Acoustat Spectra 44 speaker interfaces, once to update interfaces which were approximately 30 years old, and once to convert the same interfaces to 120v instead of the original wall bricks Acoustat used on the Spectra 44 speakers. The sonic differences were FANTASTIC.
Both experiences with Roy were nothing but professional, and friendly. Communication was by E Mail most of the time. Roy prefers E Mail. From a business point of view this works very, very good.
There is less chance of a miss understanding, and a documented account of what was really said between both parties. Personally I like doing business this way. Roy s Phone number was made available to me after he worked on the first interfaces. When there is need to talk directly to Roy, he has always been friendly and helpful.

Roy has also done "Full Restoration Factory Updates" on three of my Acoustat TNT 200 Power Amplifiers. Two of these amplifiers having gone on to be converted to Mono Blocks with Balanced inputs.

If you have a pair of Acoustat TNT 200 Power Amplifiers. You will not believe the Magic that happens when they are given Full Restoration Factory Updates and converted to Mono Blocks.
I personally believe they can drive ANY Speaker system on the market. Past or Present.
Another thing. The power output for each amplifier is close to 1 KW.

Roy s work is [ALWAYS PERFECT] mechanically and electrically. Never has there been one single problem with anything Row has worked on. The work is scheduled, sent to Roy, and returned to me on a timely as agreed to schedule. Roy s pricing and shipping is fair and reasonable. Return shipping is included in the original quoted price.

Having dealt with shipping things to Canada or other places. I am with Roy 100 per cent.
Nothing personal. It has become a lot of work to get things in and out of foreign countries, yes I know Canada is not that far. However, the difference between shipping a pair of speaker to Canada as far as paper work is involved. Five pages of paperwork to Canada versus one to ship here in the USA.

As Bob Nace said, "WHY DEAL WITH THE REST WHEN ROY IS THE BEST." Could not agree more.

Roy Esposito: a true credit to Acoustat and Acoustat Full Restoration, Factory Updates.
Very, Very honored to know and do business with Roy.

You may also contact me at bmwcbent@gmail.com if further information is needed.

Charly Brewster

Dan Burkett2012-04-12 03:22

On the recommendation of Charly Brewster, I contacted Roy about upgrading my 2+2 interfaces. I followed Roy's procedure for sending in the interfaces. He did exactly what he said he would do and in the amount of time he said it would take and his price was very reasonable.
Having an engineering background myself, I was very curious to examine the work he did. The quality of his work and the components he used were absolutely outstanding.

Additionally, Roy has helped me isolate a system problem by answering questions and providing suggestions, all without taking a cent for his work above and beyond what I had contracted him to do. He really does want to help people enjoy the music.

In my dealings with Roy, He has been honest, courteous, professional, and straight forward with me. I can recommend Roy without any reservations whatsoever. He is just that good at what he does.

Chuck Rieman2012-04-12 12:11

I have known Roy Esposito since 1979 when we worked together at Acoustat in Fort Lauderdale. Roy helped develop all Acoustat products. The TNT-120 was his idea. Besides Jim Strickland, he is the foremost expert in the world on the technology, repair and enhancement of all Acoustat equipment. He is a world-class electronics diagnostician with incredible intuition. Out of this intuition and diagnostic skill come his modifications which make vast improvements to the sonic quality of the already legendary Acoustat sound.

His workmanship is peerless both in appearance and quality. He has taken on several incredibly challenging modifications for my Acoustat equipment and performed flawlessly.

Mr. Tomlinson’s complaints seem to be about shipping to and from Canada and Roy’s communication. I don’t know what happened between them and maybe Mr. Tomlinson can fault Roy for his shipping policies. I do know that Mr. Tomlinson cannot fault Roy for his work.

Roy is a true credit to the Acoustat community; we are lucky to have him.

Chuck Rieman

Andrei Tudoran2012-04-13 03:15

It is amazing, after so many years Acoustat is still in may peoples living rooms performing better than most things on the market.

Thanks to Roy, my system is one of them.

David L Hardin2012-04-13 16:54

I for one am very proud to call Roy Esposito one of my friends. I have known Roy since the late seventies when he was at Acoustat. He has always been there to help me with any problem I may have, and the results are always excellent. Roy has updated many Acoustat products for family and friends and they are all very please with his work. My brothers Model Three Acoustat's have never sounded so good. Ata boy Roy. !Aside from all this about his tech background, he is first and foremost a gentleman and we always look forward to spending time with him. Hey Roy lest get together for Dinner real soon !!!!!

David L Hardin

My personal email audiohifiguy57@gmail.com

Rick Pettey2012-04-13 20:44

This thread has really brought something home to me. It is incredible how many people are still using Acoustat speakers and electronics. Perhaps we should put together something by which we can share our experiences with the products. It would be fascinating to me to get some idea of the places where they are used. Although I was only with the company for approx. two years I know that during that time we shipped a lot of speakers to Asia and I personally assisted in securing a TNT-200 for a gentleman in Sweden (I have a small collection of Opus records as a token of his appreciation from that endeavor). Roy would undoubtedly find it even more fascinating due to his substantial contribution to the design and development of the TNT-200 as well as other products. If any of you would be interested in pursuing this please email me at: sthilary1955@sbcglobal.net.

btw- for geographical purposes I am located in a small town 1 & 1/2 southwest of St. Louis, MO.

Randy Hart2012-04-17 14:25

Hi all
I have a pair of Acoustat 2+2's which Roy Esposito has done his magic on. I have been reading this forum. To recap, I have seen posts that say: "Roy is hard to reach" \\ "Roy is about to retire"\\ "Roy is hard to deal with"\\ and things about Roy's work.
I want the group to hear my experiences with Roy. He was referred by another former Acoustat employee-- David Hardin, whom I have known for 35 years!

I emailed Roy at the email address here on the forum and asked him for information on the interface mod. I received a response within 24 hours with an explanation of what was involved, prices and some possible modifications. I elected to do the whole thing included his "air" mod. He told me that if I got the "air" mod I would probably want to cut it out for classical music and he would provide me a switch for that operation.

Well, I sent the interfaces to him and within 2 weeks they were returned with a plastic bag full of parts he pulled out and replaced. He sent a very nice note with some instructions and a phone number (which I am not going to share on the forum) in case I should need him. I hooked the interfaces up withour realizing that I had a bad speaker cable. I could not make one of the interfaces work and called him on a Saturday. We spent all weekend on the phone working through all possible interations. He asked me to send them back, which I did. While they were gone, I pulled out my amplifier to audition a new set of speaker cables with another speaker. Roy went completely through the interfaces for a week and could find nothing. I asked him to send them back to me and hooked them back up with the new speaker cable and guess what.. They worked.

The speakers picked up a new life that I had never heard in the 20 or so years I have owned these speakers (yes I am the original owner). I put the old cables back in the system to see the cable difference and low and behold found where the problem was. It was the cables. I have now had the interfaces for Several months and must say that they have improved my system more than any money I have spent less than $2000 in my system. The speakers have a better top end, more controlled bass and much more stable image. The image is also deeper and wider and the tonal balance is just unbelievable. All of the things I like about electostats are here and I must say that I no longer use my subwoofler. Roy has continued to stay in touch with me to make sure the interfaces are fine and he has been a good resource for incremental, low cost improvements as well.

The story does not end there. I bought a TNT 200 for my son's system. I had intended all along to send it to Roy to look at. I put it in my system to listen to and after a couple of days it blew up. No smoke but the mosfets went while I was listening. I called Roy and told him what had happened and wanted to know if it would still be a candidate for his restoration service. He told me to send it and he would rebuild it for the restoration price.

He got the amplifier and found that it was worse than he had expected. He replaced everything and I do mean everything except the output transformer. He called me with in a couple of weeks and told me it was ready to ship but that he wanted to listen to it for a while if it was alright due to the level of work he had to do. The output transformer began to hum while he had it. He tore that thing apart and got it fixed as well. He did not charge me an extra dime for the work and once it was suitable in his system, he sent it to my son. My son tells me that it is quite as can be and sounds wonderful. Roy and my son talked a couple of times and Roy gave him some hints as to hook up and configuration.

Roy has been nothing but a great person to work with. He is friendly, timely and knows the Acoustat product line as well as anyone I have ever met. his work is first rate. The interfaces he sent me has just pristine work. The work is meticulous.

I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT ROY! He is a fine engineer, a wonderful craftsman and more customer friendly than I deserved. If any of you out there have an Acoustat product that you feel could use a refresh, could benefit from updating or modification, I would suggest, no URGE you to send Roy an email. He will respond promptly unless he is in the Hospital as he once was during some of our conversations. I am confident that you will be pleased with your dealings with him and your Acoustats will be new and better sounding.

Randy Hart

If you want to call me, just call 770-503-7724

Andy Tomlinson2012-04-17 16:48

You guys do all know that this board is based in Denmark.Most of the replies here are from people in the USA.For you,the shipping policies for Sounds Like New are not a problem, for the rest of the world it is and now they are aware of it.I've moved on, I can build HV power supplies for my MK2123 so I don't need anything from Roy.I'm sure he is a nice guy and a great engineer but his shipping policies are not helpful for anyone outside the USA.

Philip S. Griffin2012-04-20 18:28

My experience with Roy Esposito and Sounds Like New, mirrors that of the many other happy customers above. Roy has mono-blocked by TNT-200's, and twice modified the interfaces on my Model 2+2's. Roy is uniquely experienced (from his work at Acoustat and with its founder Jim Strickland) and is a consummate craftsman. Everything he has done for me has always been returned in pristine cometic condition and with peerless sound quality. Roy has never told me anything about his services or his modifications that has not been true. I feel lucky to have found him because I know my system would have never made it to its current level without his involvement.

Keep in mind that he is not a 24/7 hi-fi repair shop. He is a singular engineer working in his lab. Sometimes this work can take time . . . but remember: "Good things come to those who wait."

David2012-04-20 23:04

Andy, your sense of entitlement is disappointing but not a surprise. The freedom we American's enjoy allows us to set company policy as we see fit. If you don't like it, you're free to shop elsewhere. To trash a guy because he chooses not to expose himself to the risk of international shipping is irresponsible.

Against my better judgement, I shipped an amp to Europe and it arrived it 3 pieces. The buyer demanded his money back and of course, I paid. I never received restitution from the shipper because the buyer didn't document the damage in the fine detail demanded.

Roy's decision is not unwarranted.

Don Strouzas2012-04-29 06:57

I have been a customer of Sounds Like New for over 15 years. In that time Roy Esposito has serviced numerous Acoustat items for me. These items include the interfaces for several 2 + 2’s, model 6’s, Spectra 66 and a pair of model 8’s. Roy was actually able to have new medallion transformers manufactured to upgrade the interfaces to my model 6 speakers. He has also serviced several TNP preamps, and custom modified one TNP for a special project. Roy has serviced all 22 of my TNT power amps and also mono blocked most of them.

It goes without saying that I have been extremely happy with the work performed by Roy Esposito. Over the years, I have found Roy to be very professional and a pleasure to work with. Roy’s level of service and insight to all Acoustat products has exceeded my expectations, and goes beyond what is typically available when servicing audio equipment.

Sounds Like New is highly recommended to service all of your Acoustat needs.

Eby Movahed2012-05-15 21:54

I`ve known Roy probably longer than 10 years. In the past he has always done an incredible job on repairing, upgrading, and modifying my model 3 Acoustat interfaces. I`ve been exceedingly happy with the results time and again. In fact I`ve told Roy he should change the name of his company to "Sounds Better than New". I`m just so grateful to know him.

Mracoustat2012-05-18 16:26

QUOTE: Andrei Tudoran2012-04-13 03:15

It is amazing, after so many years Acoustat is still in may peoples living rooms performing better than most things on the market.

Thanks to Roy, my system is one of them.

Yes Andrei it is amazing that speakers almost 30 years old are still performing and bettering many more expensive NEW speakers i have been with Acoustat since 1984 i have owned Spectra 22s - 33s - 2+2s - and what i have now my third pair of 1+1s i live in a condo so for the room that I have this is the model for ME i belong in a group of Acoustat proud owners and would like to thank guys like Roy Esposito in the U.S.A. and Jocelyn Jeanson in Quebec Canada for keeping the best bargain in audio ALIVE if you wish you may see the making of Acoustat 1+1 all steel version the small speaker that weighs 200 pounds here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mracoustat/ pages 6 - 7

Ivan Bendl2012-05-18 23:14

As I know that Roy will always try to help, answer emails and talk advice, even tell repair is not needed (as to me), may I recommend that a bit of a remuneration is nice and creates good fellowship. PayPal is happy to send it.

Mracoustat2012-05-18 23:25

You are absolutely right, nobody should work for free, even for FRIENDS nobody.

Matt L.2012-07-19 17:46

I have a pair of Acoustat 2+2 interfaces and a TNT 200 amplifier that Mr. Esposito at Sounds Like New performed his Service and Upgrade packages on. I am pleased to report that all units work fabulously, I was wowed. Turnaround time and price was very reasonable.

With Roy, I was met with enthusiastic Professionalism and Dedication to Acoustat products and his customers. I have no doubt that any issues that may have arisen during our exchange, would have been handled effectively and efficiently, to our both satisfaction. I had several questions that I felt were too complicated for e-mail, that he was happy to help me with him over the phone.

In fact, I am so happy with the results, that I look forward to having Roy service and upgrade my Spectra 22 and Spectra 44 interfaces. This month, yes!! Thanks Roy!

Randy Hart2013-05-18 15:54

I have a pair of 2+2's that I have owned since new. I have had various Magnapan products, a pair of Koss electrostats ( model 1a) among the products I have owned over the years. The Acoustats have always been a good listen. On recommendation of one of my friends who is a professional in the audio industry, I sent my interfaces to Roy. Long story short. They came back much better laid out physically than he got them. His work was fastidious in its execution. Now to the sound.
The oft noted narrow sweet spot grew a little. The "air" made them work really well on rock. Try money on Dark Side of the Moon to see what I mean. With "air" disengaged Pearlman performing Beethove's Violin Concerto is just unbelievable in its warmth, definition and clarity. My friends will tell you that my listening session run into the hours at a time as it relaxes me. I have never had a speaker in my system that made that so easy. They just disappear. The sound stage is so large that it goes well past the left edge of the left speaker and well right of the right speaker while being seamless aal the way to center stage. The image is a mile deep.
In all the time I have had these Thayer have never sounded this good. They have always held their own with some of the best made but these are better than the Maggie 3.7's I have been listening to recently. They are better than all the Martin Logan's I have listened to just to name a couple.
Way to go Roy.

Randy Hart2013-05-18 16:02

Oh, I forgot
That experience covers just over a year of listening since Roy performed his magic. The sound is better than ever. They like tubes a lot as well.

Peter W.2013-05-29 21:26

I have now had some time to listen to Roy Esposito updated interfaces for my circa 1986 1+1s and the first impressions are truly fantastic. Everything is working fine and the improvement is breathtaking. Though I think they had been gradually getting "tired" for years, I'm quite sure they sound better than they did when they were new. The soundstaging specifity and solidity is shockingly better than it has been for years, and the extension at the frequency extremes is startling. These speakers are so underrated! Thanks for your terrific service Roy!

Roy A. Esposito2013-08-21 12:53

Hello Friends --

This is just to let you know that my email contact
has recently changed. It seems AT&T/Yahoo could no
longer support my very old prodigy.net email address.
For those of you requiring fantastic restorations
and upgrading of Acoustat MK and Spectra Interfaces
and Acoustat Power Amplifiers and Preamplifiers
my new email address is


(please notice the dots/periods between the words)

Thank you for your continued friendship, kind comments and reviews,
and support of my work.

All the Best,
Roy A. Esposito

Mracoustat2013-08-21 13:40

One more time,i have been an Acoustat owner since 1984 dollar for dollar NOTHING even come's close to the sound of these speakers i was at T.A.V.E.S. 2012 and heard the Audio Exklusiv P3.1 electrostatic speakers they where the closest thing to my Acoustat modified 1+1s yes i did say closest but not quite as good and those speakers cost 16k my all steel framed 1+1s cost me about 3k yes i understand that this is DIY but still my moto as always been ( BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK ) and with Acoustat that's what you get.


Acoustatanswerman2013-08-22 16:40


Thanks for the updated contact information - and THANK YOU for your continued support of Acoustat products. Many of us ex-Acoustat employees, and audiophiles alike, feel a strong sense of loss over Acoustat's demise, but between my advice and your repairs, let's hope we can help Acoustat products live the long life they were designed to serve! I continue to be amazed at the sustained interest in the product, often in the hands of a third or fourth owner. It gives me great personal satisfaction to participate in that legacy!

Joe Pacaccio2013-10-18 03:41


I have installed the interfaces on my 2 + 2's, and did some listening............and as they say, âThe proof is in the puddingâ...................... ROY, it is like I am hearing these speakers for the first time!! I have heard many speaker systems in my years, but nothing that compares to Dr. Stricklandâs design, and, of course, your wonderful mods. I love the Air mod.... such transparency !!
Thank you so much for performing your magic with these speakers!! I remember, back in the 80âs, Acoustat said these speakers were bullet proof, and would literally last a lifetime. They spoke the truth.

Keep up your great work !!

Joe Pacaccio

Mracoustat2013-10-18 04:07

Very true,Acoustat owner since 1984 Spectra 22s - Spectra 33s - 2+2s - and three pairs of 1+1s the last pair being a very special all steel frame with highly modified interfaces, photos can be seen in my Flickr galery - - - http://www.flickr.com/photos/mracoustat/ again dollar for dollar NOTHING even come's close to Acoustat electrostatic speakers and i do mean NOTHING.

Acoustat Heaven On Earth.

Andre MrAcoustat Sevigny - - - Quebec - Canada.

Mark Svien2013-11-21 10:38

I just want to add my name to the list of satisfied Sounds Like New customers. My entire experience with Roy was outstanding. He was professional, prompt and courteous throughout the process. The magic he worked on my interfaces is astounding, and I consider myself lucky to own a product of his efforts. I even located a TNT-200 amp on his recommendation, and will send it to him for service as soon as the listening season ends.

If you have an old set of Acoustats and wonder what can be done to improve them, look no further than Sounds Like New! Feel free to email me at mx5 driver12@gmail.com if you want further reassurances before you plunk down your hard earned cash. Otherwise, go for it, you won't be sorry!


Robert Ochi2014-02-11 20:35

I've owned my Acoustat model 2's since 1985 when one interface went bad. I searched online and came across this forum. I first figured I would recap the bad interface, to no avail (I am reasonably facile with a soldering iron, but have no electronic diagnostic skills or equipment). It was worth a short, but I needed professional help at this point. Enter Roy Esposito.

Roy was very conscientious throughout the whole process. He laid out the expected cost from the get-go, and provided updates along the way. In the end, I received fully refurbished interfaces that sound fantastic! The 'Air mod' is great addition to these already capable devices.

I am extremely happy with the results, and recommend Roy Esposito's service/restoration/engineering expertise without reservation.

Mathieu2014-04-07 22:10

Good day,

I received a message error from
is the adress always correct ?


Mracoustat2014-04-07 22:19

This is the last address i have for Roy A. Esposito

Roy A. Esposito / soundslikenew@prodigy.net

Mracoustat2014-04-07 22:28

( Living without Acoustat is possible BUT senseless. )

Ivan Bendl2014-04-07 23:49

Roy's address is now acoustat.service.usa@gmail.com

Mracoustat2014-04-08 01:20

Thank You Ivan, for everyone that need's his help.

Mracoustat2014-04-08 01:20

Thank You Ivan, for everyone that need's his help.

Roy A. Esposito2014-04-08 12:44

Thank You my friends.... for your kind words and praise
of my work. I remain available for Restorations / Upgrades /Improvements
of the Acoustat MK Series Interfaces with the optional "Air Mod"
that I developed in 2008. Vast improvements of the Spectra Series Interfaces,
the Trans-Nova Series of Power Amplifiers for which I offer the incredible
switchable Monoblock and Balanced Input circuit Conversions
and restoration of the three models of Acoustat Preamplifiers.
I welcome your inquiries at
(please notice the dots between the words)

Mathieu2014-04-11 04:02

OK thanks


I forward to you by email the file about the setting and measuremenjt of the 1+1 in a spectra version... Let say the '1+1s' ...

The listening results are different from the original 1+1 -in a positive way-
- The sounding in smoother, pehraps a bit less dynamic (the treeble is reproduced by a half pannel only)
- The big improvement is the stereo image which is more focused, stable, and far deeper !
The 'sweet point' is larger and the auditor can move without the usual loss of focus thet occurs with the original panels.


Alan B.2015-03-28 03:37

It's been almost a year since the last post on this thread - so let me assure you that Roy is definitely still in business, having just completed the upgrade and Air Mod on the interfaces for my Acoustat Model 3's (Medallion).

I have owned my Acoustats since 1983 - they were an early model but with the Medallion factory upgrade completed in 1992. I have always enjoyed them and considered them to be an excellent speaker, especially if one likes the electrostatic concept. I have listened to many high end speakers over the years, and honestly have never heard any speaker that I thought was significantly better for less than $20K - but that's just me. But they were getting long in the tooth and I had heard good things about Roy's interface upgrade (and Roy had previously repaired and upgraded both my TNT120 and TNT200 Acoustat amps - with excellent results - sonically, the bass was tighter and deeper - it seemed to me).

So, when I cranked them up after allowing the panels to charge for an hour or so (it takes two weeks for them to fully charge and achieve maximum results), I wondered if I would hear much of a difference. I was literally draw-dropping stunned at the improvement over what were already excellent speakers. Imaging and sound stage were dramatically better. Overall clarity, transparency, and resolution were markedly improved as well - music was decidedly more natural. Bass and mid-bass were especially improved. With the Air Mod, highs were improved as well. "Roy's Acoustat Magic" that I had read about here and elsewhere certainly came true for my interfaces. I must really recommend this interface upgrade if you have Acoustat speakers - you will not be disappointed. You will have to email Roy for an appointment if you decide to use his service - he seems to be booked several weeks in advance.

I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a second TNT200 Acoustat Amp and have already scheduled the monoblock conversion with Roy - very much looking forward to the results.

Good Listening to All,


Elian Levy2015-08-24 16:17

Roy is an outstanding person, both personally and professionally. He had modifies my acoustat 2+2 interfece and I canât express my happiness with the upgrade. The speakers sound better in every aspect : cleaner sound, better bass, and better image. Add to this mix Royâs complete and total devotion and care â and you get the picture. I had some problems with one speaker interface that had nothing to do with the upgrade (a loose wire connection ), and Roy went way and beyond anything imaginable, with countless emails, to try to resolve the issue. ( of which he did, sending me the correct part). So thank you again Roy for being such a gentleman. Iâm planning to send Roy either one or two Acoustat TNT 200 amplifiers soon for his upgrade!!! His work is untouchable!!

Mark Svien2015-08-25 09:08

Some sad news for those of you who were not aware: André Sévigny who had the nickname Mr. Acoustat passed away recently. You would recognize him as the guy standing next to his HUGE pair of custom Acoustats which were built for him by his friend. He was a passionate audiophile who loved his Acoustats and audio in general. Rest in Peace Mr. Acoustat!

Roy A. Esposito2015-08-25 12:36

So Sorry to hear of the Passing of Andre S.
----known to us as Mr. Acoustat ---
I know he was a devoted fan of the Acoustat
technology and always very involved in the relevant forums.
Roy A. Esposito --

Alan Braswell2015-08-25 18:31

Mark, thank you for letting us know, even though the news is sad. Although I did not correspond with him directly, I have read many of his posts on the forums and found them very helpful. I'm sure his contributions were appreciated by the whole Acoustat community and will be for many years to come. Good listening in the next realm, Mr. Acoustat!

Mathieu2015-08-27 08:43

Andre welcomed my father and I last year nearby Montreal, for a listening session of his system. We went from France to the Montreal hifi show, and he proposed to invite us at home. He was so proud and happy of his music.
Since he left in april, I'm often thinking at him and the large black T-shirt with the white slogan "Acoustat heaven on earth" marked on it that he wore.
This gives an idea of how much he was passionated... He was always enthusiastic and motivated about everything linked to the Hifi world.
Passionate people have something more than others, a strength which makes them communicate with a total conviction, and share their passion without any limit. Lets call this the generosity.
He was one of these, I wonder who will carry the torch of our beautiful electrostatics now...

Thanks Andre, rest in peace.

Alan Braswell2015-09-11 21:56

A few months back, I posted my preliminary impressions of Roy Esposito's upgrade of my Acoustat Model 3 - Medallion Transformers. First, reading back over that review, please excuse the typo - that obviously should have been "jaw dropping" not "draw dropping" - it was getting late.

A few months of listening to the upgraded transformers has only confirmed my initial impressions. Primarily, Roy's upgrade seemed to enhance what electrostatic speakers are already known for - transparency, speed, resolution, imaging, sound stage - as if his upgrades had unlocked more of the Acoustat's potential. Performance in these key areas, already very good in the Acoustats, definitely moved up a level. As many others have reported in reviewing Roy's work, imaging and sound stage are just remarkable - the image is both well defined and rock solid stable - the sound stage is both wide and deep. I have had the opportunity to hear the top of the line Wilson speakers recently ($200K+) as well as the top of the line Linn speakers. Both were extraordinarily good speakers with excellent respective strengths - but neither, to my ears, imaged as well as my Acoustats do (when sitting in the "sweet spot").

Very deep bass reproduction is always a challenge with electrostatic speakers because of the physics involved, and full range electrostatic speakers (such as my Model 3 - Medallions) simply cannot achieve subwoofer depth - or produce a large "quantity" of bass. However, the bass reproduction that is achieved (the published low frequency spec for the 3's is 30 Hz) is generally considered to be tighter, faster, and more accurate in a good full range electrostatic speaker than in a dynamic speaker system. I had found this to be true with my Acoustats over the years. After Roy's upgrade to the transformers, however, there was a noticeable improvement in the bass reproduction - frequency response seem to go a little lower and accurate bass resolution, already quite good, improved even further.

My impressions of Roy's transformer upgrades were made listening on my Acoustat Model 3's (Medallion - Full Range), driven by an Acoustat TNT 200 Amp - which had also been previously upgraded by Roy. The preamp is my aging, but still very respectable, Adcom 565. Primary sources included my Linn LP12 - Lingo (with Cirkus/Trampolinn upgrades), Ittok arm, and Grado Platinum Reference cartridge. On the digital side, my Arcam Alpha 9 cd player is serving as a transport for the Musical Fidelity V90 DAC (also with a USB input from a dedicated laptop serving as a music server for streaming and digital file playback).

Before moving on to my impressions of the monoblock conversion listening experience, I will take a moment just to comment on the physical quality of Roy's work - which, in itself, is just plain excellent. For example, my transformers - it turned out - were from a very early production run, and after too many moves with them over the 30+ years that I have owned them, they were just physically beat up. Now, I was not expecting this to be addressed at all - I was only expecting the electronics to be refurbished and upgraded. However, the transformer cases were returned to me with the bents in the case having been straightened out and the cases freshly painted inside and out. Since my "official Medallion transformer" stickers were missing - apparently overlooked in the Medallion upgrade in 1992 - Roy even created a replacement sticker for the back of the case as well as documenting and dating his work on the inside of the case. The transformers came back to me as close to "like new" as reasonably possible.

Also, during the monoblock conversion, we discovered that one of the amps was also from a very early production run, and while functioning just fine in stereo mode, it was not meeting expected output in mono mode. Roy caught this before sending it back, and spent a significant amount of time tracking down the problem to a couple of parts that had been upgraded in the later production runs. He then had to track down a place to order the parts from - before finally getting the amp up to his standard - all of which he did at no extra charge above the agreed contract price. So, be assured that Roy will not return your equipment to you before it has been bench tested and listening tested and is meeting standards - he has both a meticulous attention to detail and high degree of integrity regarding his work. However, also be prepared to be patient as this level of quality can sometimes take a bit longer - especially considering that much of the brand is 30 years old and more. Also, Roy does have a full time job in addition to his part time business of refurbishing Acoustat equipment, so reservations for work are required, as well as patience in allowing Roy the time he needs to work his "Acoustat Magic".

After the transformer upgrade, I managed to acquire a second TNT 200, and then took turns sending each of the two amps to Roy for upgrading and monoblock conversion. I now have them both back and in my system powering my Acoustat 3's. Each amp, in monoblock mode, delivers approximately 1000 watts into the nominal Acoustat 4 ohm load - so with the two monoblocks hooked up to their respective speakers, the power output is approximately an impressive one kilowatt per channel.

The listening results are impressive, perhaps even more impressive than the transformer upgrade. The first impression I had is that the Acoustats are now completely unrestrained, and able to function at any volume with ease and no sense of strain - as if they had access to unlimited power. While the transformer upgrade "locked down" the imaging and soundstage, the monoblocks add "authority" to the image - making it more "solid and palpable", if you will. Combined with an even further increased sense of resolution - instruments seem to be more focused and defined, the result was a musical presentation that is almost uncannily natural. The Sheffield Labs direct to disk recording of Thelma Houston and the Pressure Cooker has been my reference recording for over 30 years - I know it well. I have never heard Thelma sound more in the room with me - just remarkably real.

The improvement in the bass reproduction was also remarkably impressive. Frequency response was definitely lower - while remaining tight and accurate. Additionally, the "power" of the bass reproduction was unlike anything I've heard on an electrostatic speaker - I was actually getting "bass slam" when playing the Sheffield Labs Track and Drum CD (recommended for component evaluation and testing) - approaching that of some of the best dynamic speaker systems that I've heard - leaving me a bit befuddled and confused (open mouthed and shaking my head).

Another reviewer on a different forum had a very interesting review of the same scenario - using two of Roy's converted TNT 200 monoblocks to drive his Acoustat Model 3 - Medallions. The reviewer, an owner of Audio Research electronics, compared the Audio Research monoblocks with the Acoustat monoblocks. For use with the Acoustats, he preferred the Acoustat monoblocks over the Audio Research monoblocks. His review can be found here: http://forums.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?aamps&1314475687
Scroll down the thread and you will find his review - his first name is Charlie.

In summary, the cumulative result of Roy's upgrade to my Acoustat Model 3 Medallion transformers and the conversion to two (Roy Esposito modified) TNT-200 monoblocks has resulted in a major upgrade to my Acoustat system. While I will not claim that it is superior to the very high end systems that one finds at the best audio salons, I personally believe that it would be at home in that league.

If you have aging Acoustats, you owe it to yourself to have Roy do the transformer upgrades - if for no other reason than the aging of the electronics requires some refurbishment for best results. If you have the patience to locate and purchase a couple of the Acoustat amps, and have Roy do the conversions, I suspect that you will not be disappointed. Even one TNT 200 without the monoblock conversion will likely power your Acoustats better than almost any other amp out there, having been built for the primary purpose of powering Acoustat speakers - but I still suggest you have Roy do the basic upgrade and refurbish, just due to the age of the amps.

Roy A. Esposito2015-12-17 14:00

My Dear Friends -
What I have observed over many years now causes me to make the following prudent recommendation.
I would like to encourage everyone with Type MK-121 Interfaces (check serial number label)
to replace the single Audio Fuse with a 4 ampere or 5 ampere FAST BLOW fuse.
If these blow too often, then try 3 ampere or 4 ampere SLOW BLOW. Use the smallest
ampere rating that will hold. 125 volt or 250 volt rating--does not matter.
I suggest Bussman or Littelfuse brands (Home Depot, Lowes)
because cheap fuses can roll off high frequencies.
Reason for this change--back in the 1980's when we designed the interfaces
the factory-specified 5 ampere Slow Blow audio fuse was sufficient protection.
But with today's digital source devices and "faster" amplifier and pre-amplifier
designs, using the originally specified fuse can risk damage to the costly and
scarce Low-Frequency transformer in the MK-121 interface.
I am always interested in buying low frequency transformers of the part
numbers 2008733, 2009064 , or TT121L for use in my service/restoration/upgrade work
for those relatively rare cases where I find a damaged transformer.
Please contact me at acoustat.service.usa@gmail.com
if you have these transformers or even complete MK-121 interfaces to sell,
whether Medallion or Non-Medallion types.
All the Best, Roy

Roy A. Esposito2017-04-25 15:20

Dear Clients, Friends and devotees of Acoustat --
Please make sure to change the Audio Fuse in the outside post of
your Acoustat Spectra or MK Series interfaces to a 3 ampere
slow-blow type. The original factory spec 5 amp fuse is not adequate protection
against costly audio transformer damage using modern fast and powerful
amplifier designs. This is especially urgent if you use a tube preamp
paired with a solid-state amplifier.
Mouser.com part number 313003 is a good source. Or perhaps Home Depot or Lowes.
Note : The two internal 1/4 ampere AC line fuses on Acoustat models that have them
never require replacement. As always, I am available for service/upgrades/improvements
of your Acoustat Interfaces and Acoustat power amplifiers and preamplifiers.
Enjoy the Music ! ----Roy

Charles Peterson2017-06-15 04:38

Good to see you are still servicing Acoustats, Roy. I may need your help soon. I have apparently blown one or two HF transformers since I installed a fast new DAC which directly drives my high power amplifier. Until I got things set up correctly I was having muting issues with the DAC and blew a couple fuses. But now it seems the 5A slow blow fuses did not blow fast enough. Now the amplifier is periodically shutting down with light indicating shorted outputs, more and more often. This is my second blown transformer experience in 8 years. I don't play too loud, and I'm very careful, but that may not always be enough. At minimum, I'd suggest putting in 3A fuses whenever you have new equipment and keep then in until the dust settles.

I just discovered tonight that my closest Radio Shack store has just closed. I went to Lowes and their only relevant choice was a bag of 5 assorted slow blow fuses for $9.65.

I have also always wondered if there wouldn't be a way to have a real protection circuit for the transformers. MK-121 interfaces have AC power on board and could have a powered circuit that monitors LF and HF current and trips a relay.

Or maybe more robust transformers. I have 1+1 and it's almost a worst case for transformer failure because it is so inefficient. Plus, since I use I use subwoofers, I highpass the 1+1's at 100 Hz, which puts a lot of the burden on the little HF transformer, which I think I can hear saturating above 90dBc SPL.

Joe Kasperowski2017-09-13 13:10

I recently acquired a set of Acoustat Spectra 3 speakers for free. I know nothing about them but they look to be in working order. I wanted to try them out but do not want to plug them in until I find out a bit about them first. the bottom unit which I first thought was some kind of amp sounds like from what I am reading is mostly a power supply/interface for the panels. anyway, besides what looks like a 10 inch woofer, there is a black interface unit with the marking of MK 200 with the last digit in white as (3) So, maybe that means it is MK 2003? in either case I have no idea how to connect up since there is two sets of banana plug connections, two fuses, which are good, and three toggle switches which I have no idea what they are for. no labeling at all on these items. I tried to email Roy but have not yet received a response. any and all help is appreciated.

thank you

Roy A. Esposito2017-09-15 02:58

Hello again Joe -

Since we have just been through a major hurricane here in South Florida there was some delay
in my ability to respond to your emails or any others. We had no damage here.... just several days
of no internet service, but internet service has returned to operation within the last two hours.
I have now replied the messages you left on my email account at acoustat.service.usa@gmail.com

Roy A.Esposito

Mike Freeland2018-11-09 01:48

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wished to take a moment and comment on the Excellent work Mr. Esposito has done on my Acoustat equipment. Thus far he has repaired/rebuilt the interfaces on my Spectra 3300's and also restored my Trans Nova Twin 200 amplifier. The resulting sound quality is frankly beyond words. I have one (1) more piece to be rebuilt (preamp). After that, I expect to have many years of enjoyment from this equipment.

I would also point out that Mr. Esposito went above and beyond what was called for on the Spectra 3300 interfaces. They worked but only barely. Flood damage takes a toll on even the best electronics. Due to his extra effort, these units are now working as if they just rolled off the assembly line.

Thank you sir for the quality of work you have performed thus far.

Roy A. Esposito2018-11-12 14:50

Hello Friends :

I want to thank Mike Freeland for his recent comment here. Yes...those flood affected
Spectra 3300 interfaces were a very special challenge but I am always happy to help.
Also....I received an email inquiry today for service and upgrades from "Deke"
and tried to email back to him with a reply three times.
However, each time his ISP's server sent back a refusal to deliver my messages.
If he reads this I hope he can provide a different email address
so I can try writing to him again.

All the Best ...to Everyone in the Acoustat loving community,

Bob Nace2018-11-12 16:47


Mark Greschaw2019-01-03 13:16

Hello Friends,

I want to thank Roy for rebuilding my Spectra 33 Acoustat speaker interfaces. They were rebuilt in 2017, but still sound fantastic and I can't recommend Roy enough. I also want to thank Roy for his great on-going support with various technical questions.

Thanks Roy and Happy New Year!

Mike Freeland2019-01-03 20:19

Just wanted to point out that Mr. Esposito did it again. I sent in an Acoustat preamp to be rebuilt. I thought it worked fine before but was evidently wrong. The rebuilt unit has greater volume control and I no longer have to manipulate the balance control. Also, what comes forth from my Spectra 3300's is definitely sharper. My system is now completely refurbished (Acoustat Spectra 3300's, amp and preamp). All serviced by Mr. Esposito.

Definitely recommend Mr. Esposito for any work on Acoustat equipment.

Thank you and have a Blessed new year.

Jim Spiegel2019-08-16 22:06

Thank you for your expert service and as always, excellent advice.
I really appreciate you turning this last full service/upgrade around so expeditiously.

I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to own all of these fabulous acoustat components (1+1, 2+2 (interfaces featuring the now world famous "Air Mod"), TNP preamp and now TNT 200 amp set up for mono blocking.
That first listen back in the 80's was incredible, never thought I would ever be in the position to own any Acoustat equipment. Every Acoustat add along with your expert service/engineering services has exceeded my expectations. It is indeed thrilling to be amazed at every listening session. I sincerely appreciate the head of class engineering designed into each piece and your unique engineering skills and sustained commitment to upgrade engineering and service of Acoustat electronics, which really sets you and acoustat apart from the other players in the industry for accuracy, transparency and performance in music signal reproduction.
I bow down in your general FLA direction and thank you dearly for everything you do Acoustat!

Very best sonic regards,

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