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To tell the truth Francy was the "ancestor" of Francesca, but for our purpouses can be considered a low cost version. The main differences are in the absence of interstage trasformers or inductive loads.
Besides also a china tube for the 2a3 is used. Even without this Francy has a good sound and there is plenty of power to play with. I think that the best quality of the sound lies in the 2a3 driver.

The only things I would suggest are:

  • Use a good quality coupling Cap. I used paper/oil and i was satisfyed even with those frequently underrated russian components.
  • Parallel 2 or more small caps to obtain the 4uf value. this lows the inductance
  • Use the 5842 Rayteon, other types are worse.
  • When you are in budget try to inductive load the 5842.
Here is the main scheme:

Audio project

click to enlarge

What Francy lacks is a very deep extension in low frequencies (I definitely don't need any subwoofer with "Francesca") and a big resolution of details.In my opinion all this comes from the use of the interstage Trasformer. Apart from this, the very high voice/ambience reproduction, and the "impact" are the same of Francesca.