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Address Legen Heirweg 33, B-9890 Gavere, Belgium
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General information

Velleman website (December 2001):

About our kits

Located in a separate building but on the same industrial site, VELLEMAN® KIT N.V. manufactures the famous HIGH-Q kits. VELLEMAN® KIT N.V. is not only represented in every electronics shop in BELGIUM, FRANCE, the NETHERLANDS and SWEDEN, but we also rely on an extensive chain of distributors in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Malta, Israel, Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Austria, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, U.Arab.Emirates, U.S.A., Saoudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Switserland, Hong Kong, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Hungary. In every country one or two companies take care of sales, distribution and service of the VELLEMAN® products.

The range

At present, we have a range of about 180 kits with various applications in the following fields: domestic, audio, car, alarm, computer interface, lighting, timers, controllers, power supplies, sensors, etc. The project rating goes from start level to medium skill level. Yearly we produce some 300.000 units. All our kits are presented in a 30 page full colour catalogue.

The customer The typical VELLEMAN KIT customer is the enthusiastic electronics amateur. The market place mainly consists of electronics stores, the educational market and industry. Industry is known to use our projects for their quality, ease of use and their technology level.

Why Velleman kits?

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Velleman All sorts of DIY kits solid state amplifiers
Velleman K8030 Electronic Recording/Playback Module Up to 20 seconds of recording time, EEPROM technology, speaker and line outputs and microphone input. Option for message selection switch. This circuit is based on ISD1400 IC. Kit manual has full circuit diagram.

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