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Transcendent Sound website (December 2001): Transcendent Sound is dedicated to the use and enjoyment of high performance audio equipment for people all over the world. By eliminating huge middle man markups, we provide audio equipment, factory direct to the consumer, at prices that are less than half of what one would expect to pay at a traditional dealer. Our customers span the entire globe. Factory assembled equipment is available on a two week trail basis. The customer is only responsible for shipping costs.

We produce educational materials so the consumer can better understand audio and design principles in order to make informed decisions.To further encourage participation, a message board is available where hobbyists and enthusiasts can share information, help each other, and receive direct guidance from chief design engineer and company President, Bruce Rozenblit. The individual who wishes to build from scratch is also welcome and supported. Our publications contain complete plans for our projects for those who wish construct their own equipment. Hobbyists are welcome to share their experiences and receive technical assistance for their projects.

Individuals who wish to have their own articles published about their own projects are welcome to submit them. Projects concerning anything to do with audio are acceptable including speakers, SET amps, solid state designs, cables, etc. We only ask that the projects are not intended for commercial resale. We want to be your DIY headquarters.

Audio is a wonderful hobby and this is a place to share it with people from all over the world.

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