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Stoetkit web site (July 2002): From now on a high-quality tube-amplifier with lots of musicality doesn't have to be expensive anymore. With the introduction of the STOETKIT range, tube amplifiers are within anyone's reach. The STOETKIT amplifiers can easily cope with much more expensive factory models when compared. Our philosophy behind the designs guarantees you satisfaction and music with emotional involvement.

Designed by the art of elimination

What makes music sound so real? If the sound of a piano only was determined by the length of it's strings and not by the character of the sound-board then the Steinway company wouldn't still exist nowadays. The coloration of natural materials used as sound-board is the basis of music. Natural materials do sound friendly, they take us back to our roots and create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Just compare the natural sound of a ' ding-dong' bell with the sound of an electronic buzzer, which do you prefer? During our life we mostly communicate with our voices, with words spoken or sang. An amplifier has to sound real -especially in this area- to create the musical involvement we are looking for. Designs which are made to amplify non-natural sounds in fact do have influence on the over-all sound character. It is important to realise that the STOETKIT amplifiers are designed by ' the art of elimination' , the designs do consist of only crucial parts.

Easy to build it yourself

Building a tube amplifier shouldn't be a problem for non-technical people. Just rely upon the very clear instruction manual and you'll manage! Every step is explained in a clear figure, faults are unlikely to be made. When you didn't use a soldering iron before, you will profit from reading chapter one: ' how to solder' which is included in the STOETKIT I, II and III manuals.

Reproducible and reliable

During the design phase the listening sessions guided us to the correct schematics. Never concessions were made to the musical qualities while reliability and reproducibility were maintained at a high level. Modifications due to part tolerances are history, each single STOETKIT works instantly!

Rugged construction

All STOETKIT chassis are oven-sprayed and pre-drilled. No drilling or cutting has to be done by the constructor, everything fits exactly!

Attractive looks

The tubes and transformers are a substantial part of the design so they arekept very visible. Not only playing your favourite music, also looking at your STOETKIT will give you lots of pleasure. Available options include chromed top plates and chromed transformer hoods which makes them look even more attractive.

Easy modifications to a higher musical performance

While a STOETKIT can easily withstand any comparison with more expensive factory models, it is possible to increase the musical performance even more. Just choose from the list of available options specially designed for your kit or use your own imagination when wondering through our pages. One can think of upgrading coupling capacitors, reservoir capacitors, resistors, transformers, wiring and so on.

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