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McIntosh web site (December 2003): Our research and development team strives for transparency -- for performance so perfect that systems vanish and only music remains.

How? By being ever alert to sonic hardening, strain at peaks and loss of bass articulation. By winding autoformer coils with a patented low-loss bifiliar method, then hand-assembling layer after layer of core laminations. By designing our own instruments to measure quality factors so infinitesimal that no other equipment could detect it.

In short, by applying standards so high that they would be called extravagant anywhere else.


The exceptional longevity of McIntosh products owes to a design philosophy established with the very first McIntosh amp: that every component will be created with capacity so great that it will never be operated at or near its stress point.

Take, for example, our legendary output autoformer: its bandwidth exceeds both the output circuit and the audible range. Distortion is virtually immeasurable. And because an autoformer cannot pass DC current, it provides absolute protection for loudspeakers in the unlikely event of an output circuit failure.


Our Unity Coupled Circuit was only the beginning. We're constantly innovating -- from our widely praised Power Guard, which ensures our amps will consistently deliver full power without clipping distortion or audible side effects, to the multiple-driver Line Source columns in our loudspeakers, to our patented LD/HP drivers, which use aluminum shorting sleeves to reduce distortion and increase output.

And then there are the more obvious "trademark" McIntosh features. Our unassuming push-button and knob input selectors, actually control highly efficient silent electromagnetic switching. Our glowing blue wattmeters, which display real output, rather than make assumptions based on fixed impedance or voltage. And finally, the glass on McIntosh front panels, which are cut to within 5/1000" and screened with as many as 12 layers of ultraviolet-cured ink.

For more than 53 years, we've earned a supreme reputation for performance and reliability. But don't take our word on it -- find out for yourself. There is nothing like a McIntosh.

Refurbishing & modifications

Absolute Sound Labs Absolute Sound Labs Absolute Sound Labs has been an authorized McIntosh Service facility since 1969. We service both in-warranty and out-of-warranty McIntosh products. Recently, McIntosh has limited their own in-house factory servicing of older tube and early solid state equipment. Absolute Sound Labs was selected as one of a very limited number of McIntosh Service Clinics to handle these issues.

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