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Company name Roger Knopp
Address Danska v. 85:2, SE-41659 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Telephone number +46 31 252345
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Knopp Electronics web site (Febuary 4, 2010): Musiclover as I am, I've been building several tube amps since 1991. This includes two MM preamps, a guitar amplifier and three former versions of the power amplifier KEW88-91D, which is my fourth and final attempt in building a cheap while good stereo Valve Amplifier as inspired by D.T.N Williamson's design of 1947. Several problems has however come to my attention since I first started and most importantly that is the cost and availability of functional bandwidth sensitive high voltage transformers. In an effort in minimizing customer costs as well as my own I started around 1992 to develop transformers of my own and I'm now proud to announce that I have fully functional and quite cheap transformers as well as Williamson Power Amps for sale.

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