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Heath Company page by Bill Wilkinson's (October 24, 2009): The Heath Company used to manufacture electronic products in kit form that anybody could successfully build. If you followed the instructions, had some basic tools and assembly skills, then it was likely your kit would work properly when it was time to plug it in and use it--whether it was a VTVM or a television set. With each kit, Heath Company not only provided assembly instructions, but also listed the tools you'd need. They also provided a short training guide on soldering skills and how to use the tools to assemble the kit.

I set up this series of Web pages because I have good memories of the place. It was a time when the late David Nurse (President of Heath Company) could walk into the factory and greet assembly workers by name. Even though Heath had stores and outlets around the world, it was a mom-and-pop organization. Customers knew they were part of the family. Many sent feedback on how much they enjoyed building a particular kit and contributed suggestions for new products.

Does that sound kinda goody-two-shoes? Well, on a day-to-day basis, it was a job. Some people couldn't get along with others. Some customers you couldn't please no matter what you did. But for the most part, it was a fair time.

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