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General information

Experience Electronics web site (October 27, 2009): The kits are available ready built and tested, too. Furthermore all parts and kits can be delivered at customers need. Alterations of ready kits are also possible, provided they are technically feasible. In principle all tube systems are designed for 230 V and 115 V. For that you just have to change the fuses in the fuse holder at the three conductor receptacle, which is voltage selector at same time.

Our amplifier chassis are manufactured in a special process. They consist exclusively of high-quality aluminum. The chassis edges are welded seamlessly. The plating treatment is very lavishly and joined with a lot of handicraft. The chassis are covered with nickel and polished by hand till they shine.The high-grade appearance and shine can be reached only by the above mentioned way. In the end, an ever lasting label is applied by sieve printing. For that a special two component gloss is used, which adheres very well to the straight and hard nickel surface.

Magnetic distortions are avoided by the use of aluminum. With corresponding care the systems will always look noble, also after years.The systems of the EXPERIENCE classic series are high-grade products which are joyful to audiophiles in optic and accustic ways. In contrast to chrome the galvanic covering with nickel has a warm colour which maintains the optic and accustic properties of the tube systems.

All systems are constructed and built to meet the current safety standards. The tubes are open due to optic reasons. Suitable coveration can be provided on request. The person who runs the system has to make sure that no other people who do not know anything about tubes are not in danger. In the case of a broken tube while it is at work there still might be dangerous high voltages at metallic parts.

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