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Alliance Audio web site (July 5, 2009): I (Dennis Boyle, Chimera Laboratories, red.)found Peter Chappell, at F&S Transformers in the UK, about four years after the Sound Practice’s article on our kyrie 211 amplifier was published. I was still searching for the best 211 output transformer. Peter sent me a sample pair and I was amazed on how good their sound performance was.

I told Peter he needed to make his designs available to other audio constructors. Now we are. This joint effort, Alliance Audio, plans to provide transformers, transformer sets with chassis, parts and assembled products to the Audio Community.This will be done by establishing a direct relationship with the end user. We wanted to provide these services at a reasonable price and we liking working directly with a designer or constructor. This allows us to offer Peter’s designs at an excellent price for performance ratio.

The transformers are built to order. Lead time is 4-6 weeks. The best laminations we could find are manufactured by a US Company to original Western Electric specifications. To keep our cost low, Peter designs and winds the bobbins in the UK and I assemble and test the transformers here in Texas.

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