The turntable is up and running and sounds great. There is a little sibilance that I think I can get rid of by filling the arm tube with sand. The tone arm is a Morch clone with a few design changes of my own.



The two pics above are of my turntable with both arms and a closeup of the new arm.Unlike the old arm that uses acrylic and aluminum for the pivot, acrylic for the armboard and aluminum armtube filled with sand, the new one uses Delrin for the arnboard (white ) and also for the armtube (black).The pivot point is hanging from 20 lb dacron fishing line and under that pivot are two attracting rare earth magnets with about a 1mm gap between them.They are very powerfull and almost impossible to separate.So the pivot is only the dacron line as there is air underneath.I will know how it sounds when I can pop for a good cartridge.Maybe a Clearaudio beta or wood. Thank you, Wayne