Sometime in the year 2000 I started to realize that there are a lot of very good but very expensive turntables out there. I realized I wanted a great sounding table, but I could not afford it. So I decided to build one, I made this a long term project being that the materials would be expensive. Some things I cant build and that too would cost money.

I started with doing research on design and material, and with drawing what I wanted. I absolutely fell in love with the Delphi Oracle MKV and would base the low level designs on this. My design calls for oil dampened shocks spring loaded with sorbothane dampers. The motor is a separate entity. The tone arm is also mounted to the base separately. I will use lead shot to weight the base and motor assembly.

Eventually I want to replace the Truck beadliner coated MDF with a piece of custom cut granite. I would like to thank MSTC's Machine shop for making the aluminum and brass pieces. The platter is a solid piece of aluminum weighing around 13 pounds, and is a inch thick. The plinth and armboard is inch thick acrylic. Very easy to finish and cheap also. For further information please visit the building page.