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I am designing and building turntables, at the moment concentrating on the tone arm. I am playing around with a copy of a PRM tone arm, with a carbon fiber arm and headshell.



Acrylic SME-20 under construction

The Acryl SME-20 is made of from Acrylic and aluminum. The upper plate is hanging in O-shaped rings. The cilinders are oil damped. The Tacho control has its origin at mister Philips.

Arm under construction

The arm is made from carbon-fiber, aluminum and brass. The arm is of the one point bearing. played at Multifoon (Doelen). The results were quite good for me but still can be made better.

Granite PRM

Copy Scheu with home build arm

The turntable is supplied with a massive steel foot that weighs about 15 kilo. The motor in a stainless steel foot weighs 3 kilo. the stainless steel puck weighs 0.75 kilo and the acrylic platter weighs 5 kilo. The bearing is build from stainless steel bearing bronze and it has an 10 mm axis made of tool steel. The accuracy lies within 3 á 4/1000 mm. The arm will be made from stainless steel, aluminum and acrylic. It is of the uni-pivot type and is 12". The arm will be custom made for the element to obtain a optimum arm resonance. The motor is tacho controlled. The power supply and the print board will be mounted in a seperate housing as will be the phono stage. The internal wiring and the interlink are made by Van Den Hul.

ESL 260 x 45 cm

Electrostatic loudspeakers with dimensions of 260 x 45 cm. The diaphragm is 5 mu in thickness. The high voltage power supply is of my own design and the audip transformers are from Sowter.