The disc phonograph

Dominance of the disc phonograph

Berliner's lateral disc record was the ancestor of the 78 rpm, 45 rpm, 33 rpm, and all other analogue disc records popular for use in sound recording through the 20th century. See gramophone record and vinyl record.

Christmas 1925 brought improved radio technology and radio sales, bringing many phonograph dealers to financial ruin. With efforts at improved audio fidelity, the big record companies succeeded in keeping business booming through the end of the decade, but the record sales plummeted during the Great Depression, with many companies merging or going out of business. Booms in record sales returned after World War II.

The turntable remained a common element of home audio systems well after the introduction of other media such as audio tape and even the early years of the compact disc. They were not uncommon in home audio systems into the early 1990s.