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Be as precise as possible when you order new belts. Always try to supply the following information:

  • The cross section of the belt, thickness, round or square cross section
  • Measure lenght as desribed below. Choose a belt 3-5% smaller than the length you measured. EXAMPLE: You measure 25" on your turntable with a string.....order a 23.6" belt, NOT a 25" belt as there must be some tension for your belt to work.
  • Exact make and model number right down to the dash.

On the top of this page you can find an overview of all brands that supply tape deck belts.


Qeustions and answers

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Measuring belts

If you still have the old belt in one piece

  • Lay it out flat on a desk.
  • Pinch it at both ends & straighten the belt but don't stretch it beyond straight.
  • Measure the length & then double your result to get the total circumference of the belt.
Old belt too far gone to measure
  • Just use a piece of string and thread it temporarily in place of where the belt goes.
  • Then measure the length of the string and note the exact length