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There are several manufacturers of upgrade boards for laserdiscs. The upgrade consists of the Dolby Digital (AC-3) RF output upgrade to Laserdisc-Player.



BDE Elektronik & Elektroakustik

James wong (December 2000): In addition to offering to install Dolby Digital (AC3) outputs on your player, they offer an relatively inexpensive Do It Yourself (DIY) kit.

MSB Technology Corporation

MSB offers a Dolby Digital AC3 RF upgrade for any model laser disc player. A gold-plated RCA connector is installed on the back panel and an upgrade board is installed within the unit. Only high quality parts are used including 1% Roderstein resistors and WIMA capacitors. Modulated RF output is amplified to the proper level and then buffered with a high quality Burr-Brown line driver. Muting circuits set the required DC offsets to meet the LDAP standards. The player itself receives no circuit changes and retains all normal functionality.