Just a quick note. Above here's a rare and small picture of the Hills. I'm building a few of these ionic drivers . I've got a couple dozen 6KG6a's and plan on trying everything including multi-tube setups , horn loading etc etc . I'm very curious as to how low an fq I can get .

By the way (especially with multi tubes) I think the ozone is going to be a problem but one that is as easy to fix as fitting an exaust fan to the outside .just one extra thing to plug in that's all . With a horn it could be very easy to execute.

I also have a pretty impressive picture of the Hill's plasma chamber with all five discharges going ! Unfortunately Idon't have it on the PC and can't begin to remember where I got it ........ I'll try to scan it and send to you if you want it . resolution is POOR but like I said it IS impressive .

I suspect you people could be a great help to me and hope Ii'll be able to look to you for advise as the projects continue . Thanks, Donn

Update November 27, 2001

Just another quick note to let you know that my plasma tweeters are working. They've exceeded my expectations. As soon as I can get a few pics I'll send them along with some info on what I've been doing .

I've made some changes. These appear to be about 94db sensitive ( too loud to run unattenuated with my 91db Seas mids/ 12" peerless woofs ) !!! Ido not use any horns , these are just the bare "flames". They will take all the power ( xo at 3000-4000hz) my 35wpc tube amp puts out. These things are LOUD. Everyone who has heard them so far says that they have never heard anything this good. I've just started to fine tune them. They will get better. Later, Donn.