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TAC (August 29, 2011): To date we could not find any information on this brand. Any info would be highly appreciated.


Lampy elektronowe web site (September 19, 2009): The first electron lamp built in 1904 by John Ambrose Fleming - it was an LED. The first lamp amplifying triode developed four years later Lee De Forest. In Poland the production of first tubes (triodes) launched a Warsaw-based firm Radjopol December 1, 1921.
Currently, most applications have been replaced lamp designs solutions that use transistors and integrated circuits. Structures tubes found in old appliances and equipment of the highest class, where the parameters of transistor circuits, or are inadequate. Top-class hi-end amplifiers use today is still a solution tube (eg, EL84, 6550, EL34, 6L6, KT88, 300B, ECC83). Lamps shall also apply to strengthen very weak signals at the border of noise such as radar, radio communications or radioteleskopach from space probes (noise level of-200dB in the best structures, no longer available in semiconductor systems) and in extremely great power devices (eg, stations broadcast). Lamps are also readily used in studio equipment, a stage classic synths (eg Moog), amps (eg pentodes EL34 in the "ovens" Marshall / UK / or streaming 6L6 tetrode in wzmaciniaczach Fender / USA /). Fixtures are also used in military equipment because of the low susceptibility to electromagnetic pulse.

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