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Electronic Specialists web site (October 27, 2009): Electronic Specialists was founded in 1971 to develop and market protectors and interference control products for High Tech equipment. In the beginning, most sales were to audio and video markets. Some work was done installing protection and solving mini-computer interference problems.

With the advent of personal micro-computers, surge suppression and interference control for these products became the major company objective. Early work in that area led to a patented ac power line Isolator system which incorporated interference control, spike / surge suppression, lightning arresters and system component isolation within 1 package.

Since our founding, an extensive array of high tech equipment enhancement products has been developed, with primary focus on high performance systems requiring high level interference filtering and total spike surge suppression. Most applications were in the commercial, industrial and scientific fields.

As ever faster computer systems have developed, interference control and protection demands have dramatically increased. Increased internet traffic, high speed networks, 56K modems, cable internet access together with scanners, digital photography, and color printers all require stringent data, signal, communication, wired and ac power line quality control.

Industrial process controllers, regulators and instrumentation protection and interference control proceeded apace. New, advanced product application challenges are constantly being met and conquered. In the process of developing our broad product line, the company founder has been granted 10 patents by the United States Patent Office.

Special designs for unique situations are regularly undertaken. Rapid turn around is usually possible for small quantities of these special designs and quantity production can be provided. More popular designs have been incorporated as standard company items, with regular catalog publication featuring comprehensive design engineering and application notes.

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