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Company name Bartolucci Giuseppe & Co
Address Via del Meridiano 38-Domagnano - 47895 San Marino
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Telephone number +378 906634
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Bartolucci web site (July 15, 2009): Bartolucci Double C Core transformers are the culmination of over 35 years experience in the design and manufacture of high quality transformers. These transformers are handcrafted in Italy by Giuseppe Bartolucci & Co.

Bartolucci's aim is to achieve high performance with a balanced mix of high technology, know-how and craftsmanship. Bartolucci believes that manufacturing high quality transformers is not only a matter of putting together fine materials or optimizing single technical parameters. Certainly, these are necessary conditions but not sufficient. Technical specification or costly materials by themselves cannot explain sonic character of a transformer. The challenge is to find the optimum trade-off between somewhat conflicting technical variables, resulting in a superior design at a competitive price.

Sean Bowes: Hi-tech know-how craftmanship.

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