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Audio4 web site (November 18, 2009): A u d i o 4 provides a new design to distorted music show! We are one of the few companies that electrostatic speakers together. The speakers of A u d i o 4 are different and better than traditional dynamic or electrostatic speakers.

Audio4 web site(July 2000): Craftsmanship in sound A whole new concept to produce sound without resonance: electrostatic speakers instead of dynamic. Combine your stereo-set with A u d i o 4 speakers.

And the loudspeakers themselves?

You don't believe it? Please come by to listen and to convince yourself of the qualities of the electrostatic speakers of A u d i o 4.

A u d i o 4

All products are handmade to order.

Speakerdude86 (October 3, 2013): Innovation (modification) Quad ESL 63

Although these known electrostatic speaker is highly valued for its good sound, there is certainly yet to improvements. A udio 4 has some points that improve it is found in the following sections:
the second step-up transformers are replaced by one transformer A udio 4.
the input capacitor is replaced by a 68 uF MKP of Audyn and a parallel Tin foil 0.1 uF.

Speakerdude86 (October 3, 2013): Innovation Quad ESL63 mk3

These modified Quad ESL 63 A udio 4 sounds better than the Quad ESL63QA in the wooden frame in which all components have remained the same.

The characteristics of the modification in the Quad ESL 63 of A udio 4 are:

the bass sound tighter and go deeper

the high is less distorted

the entire sound is open

all instruments are more recognizable

Convince yourself and come to a demo listening these modified electro able speaker, bring your own Quad ESL 63 note to compare.

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