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Amplimo web site (December 9, 2009): Since 35 years Amplimo is dedicated to supply high quality amplifier modules and toroidal tranformers.

In the beginning we supplied universal amplifier modules for general use. We also supplied all necessary parts like suitable powersupplies. More toroidals were demanded also for other appications, so we expanded our product range quickly resulting in a huge range of available types.

We also designed toroidal transformers for 100V-Line systems to fit our amplifier modules and also toroidal induction loop transformers were added.


Amplimo web site (December 9, 2009):

In 1985 we started with power transformers for valve amplifiers (tube amplifiers) and together with ir. Menno van der Veen we developed toroidal output transformers for valve amplifiers.

In 1992 Amplimo was the first in Europe with KEMA-approval on a very large range of toroidal transformers from 15VA up tilll 1000VA. EN60742 based on the International standard IEC 742, (also known as BS3535 in the UK and VDE 0551 in Germany).

In 1993 Amplimo was the worldwide first to have a complete range of High-End toroidal output transformers for valve amplifiers. With this range of output transformers an amplifier with a frequency response over 100kHz could be built WITHOUT FEEDBACK !

In 1994 we patented and launched toroidal step-up transformers for electrostatic loudspeakers.

In 1995 we launched a newly designed range of amplifier modules from 30W up till 180W. These modules have very sophisticated safety features built-in.

In 1997 we added a range of medical-approved (EN60601-1) toroidal transformers. These transformers meet the high medical demands and are approved accordingly by KEMA.

In 1998 UL/CSA approval followed. Not only for the standard range, but also custom-made transformers are approved by UL/CSA. This is very important for companies exporting their high-quality products to The United States or Canada.

In 2000 EN61558-1 replaced EN60742 based on the International standard IEC 742, (also known as BS3535 in the UK and VDE 0551 in Germany). All our approvals are updated accordingly.

In 2001 The managing Director and owner of Amplimo BV mr. Derk Rouwhorst retired and sold all shares to Hans Braam who was working with Amplimo for many years already.

In 2005 Amplimo moved from Delden to a new location in Neede. We started from the new location commencing 2006.
The building on the industrial estate "Wheemergaarden" in Neede is larger and better utilised than the previous location bringing Amplimo to an even better service-level and gives new opportunities to expand business.

July 2005 RoHS compliance implemented in all our toroidal transformers.

In 2006 new quality approvals are added to our complete range of toroidal transformers. CB and CCA certificates are now covering all standard range toroids an also most of the custom-made types.

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