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ASV web site (July 8, 2009): Transformers

A high-quality output transformer is the heart of the tube amplifier. A poor output transformer fitted in a well designed amplifier will spoil its performance. Needless to say that the design and optimization of an output transformer takes high skill and know-how because performance requirements are complex and high. The transformer must deliver adequate and constant power without core saturation. It should provide wide frequency bandwidth at a minimum distortion. Moreover, it should provide a constant outstanding performance to retain the open, spacious qualities of recorded music. The sound quality of ASV transformers is exceptional: low distortion and an extremely wide frequency and dynamic range. The present AOT-40 transformer has a double C core and has been carefully wound, has no internal solder joints, is impregnated and encapsulated in metal housing. There are two threaded mounting bolts for easy installation.

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