Patents on plasma loudspeakers


Patent number Description Filed / Granted Available
US Patent 2.793.324 Halus and Holcomb Ionic triod speaker ...
May 21, 1957
U.S. Patent 3,018,394
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Thomas Townsend Brown, Santa Monica, California. generation and transmission of pressure waves from an electric corona; discharge to the ambient air. (Don gregorka, April 2001) ...
July 12, 1967
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US Patent 3.476.887 Sellingson Ionic electroacoustic transducer ...
November 04, 1969
Preliminary Patent Application
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Thomas Townsend Brown, Menlo Park, Calif. A device by which electrical signals are converted into high fidelity sound without the use of a moving cone or diaphragm and without (concurrently) producing a flow of air. (Don gregorka, April 2001) December 7, 1969
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BRD Patentamt n 2115544 Walter Koronaphon ...
October 5, 1972
Europe Patent Ammeldung 0 017886 Klein S. Electroakustischer Wandler ...
October 29, 1980



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