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Sammi logo
Company name Sammi Sound Technology
Address No address available
Official site Official website
Email address sammi@sammisound.com
Telephone number (043) 872-9811~3
Fax number (043) 872-9814


General information

Sammi web site (July 8, 2009): SAMMI SOUND TECH CO.,LTD was founded in 1961. Since its establishment, we have continuously manufactured PA & Loudspeakers and Hi-Fi & General speakers with new technology of research and development. It is now well-knowned to all of the world. About 50 years before, we have started to produce the speakers and test machines firstly in Korea at the same time Economic Development Planning was beginning. In 1970, we focused on ventured challenge such as new technology of sound products and advertisement of 'SAMMI' brand. It was processed only by our owned engineering skills and study.

As the result, our speakers were ranked to top quality products and had got the approval of KS(Korean Standard) recognization at the first time in field of sound products. We are now the leading company in Korea and exporting to all of the countries. Based on those of valuable and creative engineering systems, we have had developed new sound products. It was also effected on developing so much for new sound technology in Korea. We are pride of our R&D know-how because it has done by almostly 90% ourselves.

SAMMI SOUND TECH CO.,LTD has made a great success and will continuously make the best efforts to produce excellent and ensurable sound products. We will put forth our much efforts to become a company valued by social responsibility and customer satisfication.

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