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Babb Company

Babb Company logo
Company name Babb Company
Address No address available
Official site Official website
Email address sales@babbspeakers.com
Telephone number +1 800 892 2221
Fax number No fax number available


General information

TAC (November 23, 2009): The Babb Company website is currently offline.

TAC (July 14, 2002): Manufacturers of BABB Speakers. Our loudspeakers are full range, high efficiency, high fidelity and waterproof. This combination makes them ideal for the abusive environment of the marine and automotive market. We can make your car or boat sound as good as your home theater. If you are looking for a speaker that is fast and clean with incredible imaging and a wide dynamic range then please continue inside. After all, don't you deserve the very best?

TAC (January , 2006: In January 2006 David Chaffey purchased the assets, tooling and design rights of the Babb Company speakers and founded DC Gold Audio.

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