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Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook by John Borwick, third edition, 2001 Focal Press, Oxford, ISBN: 0240513711. Contains a mathematically detailed description of ESL operation written by Peter Baxandall, including enough detail about the venerable Quad ESL63 to allow close duplication of the design (if you're so inclined). (Mark Rehorst) Available at
Electroacoustics F. V. Hunt Harvard University Press 1954 (USA)  
Troubleshooting & Repairing Consumer Electronics Without a Schematic (Paperback) by Homer L. Davidson. 461 pages Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 3 edition (January 15, 2004) Available at
Electrostatic Loudspeaker Design and Construction R. WagnerTab Books, Blue Ridge Summit Pa 17214, 1987 (USA) (Mark Rehorst)  



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High quality Electrostatic Headphones P.D. Wilson, Theoretical and constructional details for simple electrostatic units producing plane wavefronts, and operating from the push-pull anodes of a valve amplifier. Source: Wireless World, December 1968 (PDF, 413 KB, 4 pages)(Willy Lefebvre) Available on exchange basis
B. Sc. Electrostatic Headphone Design. Philip D. Harvey,Instructions for making a simple and inexpensive high-quality unit. Source: Wireless World, November 1971. (PDF 1.4 MBt)(Willy Lefebvre) Available on exchange basis
Oxford.,Letters to the Editor. B. J. C. Burrows Ewelme, Source: Wireless World, January 1972. (PDF, 171 KB, 2 pages ) (Willy Lefebvre) Available on exchange basis
Constructional design with improved acoustic output. N. Pollock M.E, M.I.E. Aust. Source: Wireless World, November 1979. (PDF 1.8 MB) Available on exchange basis
Calculation of the surface pressure on a vibrating circular stretched membrane in free space. J.H. Streng: Source:, no.2, 679-686, 1987  
Sound radiation from circular stretched membranes in free space. J.H. Streng: Source: eng.soc.vol.37, no.3, 107-118, 1989  
Calculation of integrals which occur in the analysis of circula stretched membrane sound radiation. J.H. Streng: Source:, no.3, 1183-1185, 1988  
Charge movements on the stretched membrane in a circular electrostatic push-pull loudspeaker. J.H. Streng: Source.......: eng.soc. vol.38, no.5, 331-339, 1990  
Sound radiation from a vibrating membrame. J.H. Streng: Source: philips tech.rev.vol.44, no.6, 190-199, 1988  
An Electrostatic Headphone Amp, Glass Audio  



Amplificateur haut de gamme pour casque électrostatique Elektor, November 1988, (Willy Lefevbre, May 2001)  


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