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Company name Seas
Address 736 N. Western Ave #330, Lake Forest IL 60045, USA
Official site Official website
Email address mail@seas.no
Telephone number 847 735 9255
Fax number 847 735 9256


General information

Seas web site (July 14, 2009): SEAS Vision: Dedication to The Art of Sound Perfection. SEAS Values: Seas employees cooperate in an inspiring environment for creative processes. Each and every one of us sees new opportunities and challenges, and we work smarter. All of us take on responsibility to achieve common goals, and to create prosperity. So we are proud of each other, our products and our customers


Seas web site (July 14, 2009): A History of Innovation and Craftmanship in Loudspeaker Transducer Design through nearly 60 years.

Milestones in SEAS Company History

1948 The owner of Radionette, Jan Wessel decided to start making loudspeaker units for his own production of radio sets. C.C. Nargaard Madsen was employed as a designer.

1950 Wessel and Madsen decided to separate the loudsepaker and radio business in order to be able to sell loudsepakers to other radiomanufacturers in Norway and abroad

1951 The company moved to Moss

1956 Scandinavian Electro Acoustic Systems, or SEAS was formed as a limited company with two shareholders, J. Wessel and C.C. Nargaard Madsen

1961 Wessel and Nargaard Madsen bought Videbok hattalerfabrik from Norgaard Madsens father

1971 Videok hajttalerfabrik was made a sister company to SEAS

1974 Both companies experienced a major growth and in 1974 there were 250 employees in Norway and 200 in Denmark

1975 SEAS moved into new and modern premises just outside Moss

1981 After some difficult years, the Danish company managed to break away from SEAS by what the new Norwgian owners regarded as a criminal act. It was named Vifa and became a competitor from one day to the next.

1984 The SEAS employees bought 10% of the shares in the company

1986 The employees fromed a holding company and bought the remaining 90% of the shares.

1997 SEAS won the export price for the Ostfold county

1999 SEAS achieved the AAA rating from D&B

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