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Audio Lineaire

Audio Lineaire logo
Company name Audio Lineaire
Address Mr Yanitch 34 rue Ferrère 33000 Bordeaux, France
Official site No official website available
Email address info@art-technologie.com
Telephone number 02 96 79 13 39
Fax number No fax number available


General information

Audio Lineaire web site (June 27, 2009): For 23 years, Yves Poulichot has been developing high-end loudspeakers and drive units for several companies.

"Being a music lover as well as a musician, I have decided to use my talent and my efforts in order to achieve one and only one goal : to reproduce instruments emotions as near as reality and music vividness."

Bearing this in mind, Yves created high efficient and aesthetic loudspeakers, which can satisfy the most demanding music lovers. Such a combination of experience and fervor devoted to music, deserves that you give it your attention.

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