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Althea Musica

Althea Musica logo
Company name Althea Musica
Address Hans-Jürgen Dorn, Am Briel 49, 78467 Konstanz, Germany
Official site Official website
Email address info@altheamusica.com
Telephone number +49 7531 53111
Fax number +49 172 7443404


General information

Althea Musica web site (June 30, 2009): If we let Swami Rama, a big master of the Himalayas gets a chance to speak: 'From all arts music is the noblest. Music exists not only of songs, melodies or words, but of the subtle sound Nada, the oscillation, inspires all cells spontaneously and brings them to dance Music is to be attained one around peace and joy, I call it meditation in the music!'

To find out music in his entirety, regardless of time and space - the mediation of the dialogue of the artist with the plant as an experience in concerto form with all her emotion. Innovation assumes that one his profession controls as for example unique skills in traditional craft tradition as well as entire control of the necessary technologies.

A passion & live for Music...To experience music in new dimensions, this is the aim of Althea Musica!

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