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Solen web site (July 22, 2009): Solen is the world leading producer of "high-end" crossover components, namely Perfect Lay Hexagonal Winding Air Cored Inductors, Hepta-Litz Perfect Lay Hexagonal Winding Air Cored Inductors, Metallized Polypropylene Fast Capacitors, Film & Foil Fast Capacitors, Metallized Teflon Fast Capacitors and Teflon Film & Tin Foil Fast Capacitors.

Solen has always believed that research and innovation are the basis for the development of new high quality reference standards for crossover components. The quality and the know-how that we, at Solen put into our products are based on years of thorough research.

For the record:

As a complement to our non-compromise achievement of quality standards, since 1985, our company was appointed distributor of those famous international manufacturers of loudspeaker driver units; to name a few, ATC, AUDAX, AUDIOTECHNOLOGY, AURASOUND, CSS, ETON, FOSTEX, FOUNTEK, HEMP ACOUSTICS, HI-VI RESEARCH, E.J. JORDAN, LCY, LPG, MAX-FIDELITY, MOREL, PEERLESS, PHY-HP, RAAL, RCF, SB ACOUSTICS, SCAN-SPEAK, SEAS, SILVER-FLUTE, TYMPHANY, VERAVOX, VIFA, VISATON & VOLT .


Solen web site (July 22, 2009):

The Solen historical:

1982- SOLEN REG. is founded for research & development into the general loudspeaker field.
1982- Research & development on inductors
1982- Air Cored Inductors Perfect Lay Hexagonal Winding.
1982- R & D on crossover filter theory.
1982- Crossover networks with point to point wiring and star ground connections ready for bi-wiring.
1983- Company name changes to SOLEN ELECTRONIQUE INC.
1983- R & D on loudspeaker drivers parameters.
1984- R & D on plastic film capacitors.
1984- Chateauroux Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors.
1985- Advanced R & D on crossover filter theory. Mainly the First Order Solen Split.
1986- Advanced R & D on inductors.
1987- Hepta-Litz Perfect Lay Hexagonal Winding Air Cored Inductors.
1987- Member of Audio Engineering Society.
1987- R & D on lattice phase delay equalizer crossover circuits.
1987- Advanced R & D on plastic film capacitors.
1988- Metallized Polypropylene Fast Capacitors.
1990- R & D on car loudspeaker drivers.
1991- Airborne car loudspeaker drivers.
1992- European Kit Brochure.
1996- Solen Electronique is on the Internet.
1999- Lynk Metal Oxide Resistors.
2001- Advanced R & D on film & foil capacitors.
2002- Film & Foil Fast Capacitors.
2005- Advanced R & D on Teflon film capacitors
2005- Advanced R & D on Teflon film & foil capacitors.
2006- Metallized Teflon Fast Capacitors.
2006- Teflon Film & Tin Foil Capacitors.

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