Patents on dynamic headphones


Patent number Description Filed / Granted Available
5,887,070 Steven Iseberg and Donald Wilson High Fidelity Insert Headphones. A canal-type headphone with acoustic damping to compensate for the loss of external ear resonance and an electronic filter to extend the high frequency response. This patent is for the Etymotic Canalphones. 3/23/1999  
5,784,477 Florian M. Koenig. System for the Frontal Localization of Auditory Events Produced by Stereo Headphones. Headphone design with improved in-front localization. 7/21/1998  
5,742,689 Timothy J. Tucker and David M. Green.Method And Device For Processing A Multichannel Signal For Use With A Headphone.Simulating a virtual room with virtual loudspeakers through headphones. 4/28/1998  
5,495,534 Kiyofumi Inanaga et al.Audio Signal Reproducing Apparatus. An acoustic simulator with a head motion detector. 2/27/1996  
5,471,437 Ernst Schutter. Electrodynamic Acoustic Transducer. A compact, dynamic transducer having two parts an acoustically active part and an annular part having an annular width for an ideal resilient suspension. 8/30/1994  
5,371,799 Danny D. Lowe et al Stereo Headphone Sound Source Localization System. A sound positioning system for headphones. 12/6/1994  
4,748,669 Arnold Klayman.Stereo Headphone Sound Source Localization System. A virtualizer based on ambience-recovery. Includes both the enhancement system and a perspective correction system for 3D sound in headphones and from stereo loudspeakers. 5/31/1988  
4,455,675 Amar Bose. Headphoning. A noise cancellation headphone with a compensatory filter of arbitrary phase to maximize open loop gain and extend effectiveness of ANR. 6/19/1984  
3,796,840 Kazuho Ohta.Four-Channel Headphone. A 4-channel headphone with spatializer that inverts rear channel signals. 12/2/1971  
3,920,904 Jens Blauert et al. Method And Apparatus For Imparting To Headphones The Sound Reproducing Characteristics Of Loudspeakers.An active crossfeed filter with a response equal to the loudspeaker-to-eardrum transfer function divided by the headphone-to-eardrum transfer function. Includes a 4-channel design.  11/18/1975  



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