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Bibliography on DVD players




Description Available
DVD Demystified, Jim Taylor; McGraw-Hill Professional (2nd edition, December 22, 2000) ISDN:0071350268
DVD Authoring and Production, Ralph Labarge; CMP Books. ISDN: 1578200822
DVD Player Fundamentals (Paperback) by John Ross. 304 pages Publisher: Delmar Publishers; 1 edition (September 1, 2000) Available at Amazon.com
DVD Players and Drives (Paperback) by K. F. Ibrahim. 336 pages Publisher: Newnes (September 24, 2003) Available at Amazon.com
Best Friend. Alles fuer Ihren DVD-Player. Das Praxishandbuch. (Paperback) by Holger Haarmeyer. Data Becker (July 1, 2002) Available at Amazon.com
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About DVD (Paperback) by Jim Taylor. 225 pagesPublisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 1 edition (October 15, 2003) Available at Amazon.com
CD and DVD Recording for Dummies, Second Edition (Paperback) by Mark L. Chambers. 348 pagesPublisher: For Dummies; 2 edition (March 5, 2004) Available at Amazon.com
DVD Demystified (Paperback) by Jim Taylor. 516 pages Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 2 edition (December 22, 2000) Available at Amazon.com
Der große Report. Die besten Video-CD und DVD-Player-Geheimnisse. (Paperback) by Achim Wagenknecht. Data Becker (October 1, 2002) Available at Amazon.com
Making DVDs : Creating and Authoring Your Own Discs (Paperback) by Lee Purcell. 304 pagesPublisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 1 edition (January 30, 2004) Available at Amazon.com
Designing DVD Menus: How to Create Professional-Looking DVDs (Paperback) by Chris Schmidt. 198 pagesPublisher: CMP Books (November 1, 2004) Available at Amazon.com
Troubleshooting & Repairing Consumer Electronics Without a Schematic (Paperback) by Homer L. Davidson. 461 pagesPublisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 3 edition (January 15, 2004) Available at Amazon.com




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