This applies to all similar type models CD72 , CD73 , CD82 , and their TEXT readout derivatives, the FMJ CD23 and the previous range Alpha 7SE , Alpha 8SE , and Alpha 9 which share common circuit boards.

The CD92 is regarded as one of the all-time holy-grail CD players, based on the dCS Ring DAC, a superbly accurate, exotic and incredibly expensive English DAC. It plays also HDCD's. Correctly restored, the sound quality is superb, and it puts many other CD players, irrespective of their age, to shame.

Symptoms: This unit came onto my lab-bench after an Arcam UK factory repair, costing a whopping GBP145. According to the Engineer Report (below), the Arcam tech was not successful in fully correcting the distortion problem, and the unit was rejected in-house. After the second attempt at repair, Arcam did not specify whether the unit passed the final QC test. Nevertheless the unit was returned to the customer, and it was then delivered to me.


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